ARNU Box Mach 10 – Pure Linux – Kodi 15.2 review

ARNU Box Mach 10 – Pure Linux – Kodi 15.2 review


The video below is the ARNU Mach 10 Pure Linx box, I reviewed it and showed how I used it with CloudWord.

I used my own custom Cloud Word. I will be writing a guide how I you can setup your own cloud word, based. I used the Official Article from  ARNU that allowed me to set it up most of the way.

The ARNU BOX Mach 10 is by far one of the best LINUX Boxes, and the price for this box is also good.


The box came with a pre installed KODI and also the updates which I showed in the video is always available from the company to enable updates to the most essential applications.


I hope you like this box. Any issues with setting up a cloud word I will be happy to assist.



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  • Husham, I was used watching your video on video screensaver. Did kodi take that out of the repo, because I have a kodi box (which I had to delete kodi and rebuild) and the kodi addon repository doesn’t have the video screensaver in it any more. Do you know how I can add a screensaver to my kodi box? I like your videos.