Best KODI Maintenance tools to fix buffering and cache issues


Best KODI Maintenance tools


It happens most of the time these days, that nagging issue with our kodi,  when we get to see allot of packages build up and allot of Caching from addons that causes buffering. This is really annoying and can get in the way to watch a movie or even download any new addon.



The instructions for this video has been released several times but in every case I get asked .. how do I clear buffering? How do I clear packages? what is the quickes way to clear thumb nails.

ok so I thought I put this article here in case you want to use the maintenance to clear cache or purging packages again..

below is the video and below it is the instructions if you prefer to read them.

Video Guide

Look at the entire video to see the entire steps for the addons to help you.. please look carefully and dont just skip as you might skip important information.



Manual Steps

Open Kodi
Select SYSTEM > File Manager
Select Add Source
Select None
Type the URL – Press done.
Type Raw in the media description & press OK
Click Home
Select Add-Ons
Select Install from zip file
Select Raw
Select repository zip file
Click on Install from repository
Click Raw Maintenance Repo
Select Program add-ons
Select Raw Maintenance
Click Install


Hope this gets most of your issues sorted guys

Husham Memar



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  • David

    I use your husham guides constantly but youtube blocks me with “daily limit exceeded”.Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for all your great work and devotion.

  • SB

    I am also tired of youtube (Google) telling me my daily limit has been exceeded as well.

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    This dont work
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  • JOHN smith

    My kodi box keeps putting up data base error transmogrifier error can u tell me what is wrong with IT

  • Rito

    If I run maintenance in kodi you lose you setup in the background or addons in the home screen