Cosmix repo

the new cosmix repo updated again
Due to some hosting issues. The repo has been changed again. This has resulted many of youu not able to get cosmix to work if you are trying to i stall it again

Recommend uou all install the repo again from the new address




The devloper has kindly conected me to update you with the new repo.


This page was last updated Last updated: April 12, 2016 at 20:10 pm
  • I am from BraziI
    I am a great admirer of his work,
    excellent didactic.

  • Paris2015

    Nope still no Cosmix….

  • gg
  • patachou636

    Cosmic.net23 addtess worked for me. Thank you, Husham

  • Mtbman

    Neither of these repos work for me. Says they are incompatible so won’t install. (Kodi v16.0)

  • Ilyas

    How can I get live TV guide, have tried a few but they don’t work, I was hoping it would be similar to sky guide, but unfortunately the links don’t work. The one I have used is renegade tv and that too does not works, please advise the best TV with guide. Thank you