HOW TO FIX KODI 1CHANNEL / Primewire PLUGIN FAIL – Blank Screen FIX 100% Working (January 2016)


HOW TO FIX KODI 1CHANNEL / Primewire PLUGIN FAIL –  Blank Screen FIX 100% Working January 2016


I just noticed that the video I made in December for a fix had a working link on it and Decided to make a new video for you guys to enjoy 1channel addon or primewire.





This fix should help many of you use 1 channel again, also make sure to watch the entire video as I mention how you can fix the performance as well.


Take a look at the below video as you will see that the link is working and the addon is behaving very fast and improves allot of issues



The Addon instruction below is also for your info

Repo url for the TKNorris Repo

Fusion Repo url

Custom Domain Url used in this video

Links below have been reported dead but you can give them a go

Recommend you use VPN for permanent fix in the future
VPN URL to purchase software –

Clear Cache Guide

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Enjoy the show Boys and girls

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  • Paul koschka

    Thanks for that

  • Shea

    Hi, I’m new just learning! I noticed on my prime wire I can’t watch anything I watched your videos and it still saying log in error! I’m totally lost. Please help!


  • Joe McIntyre

    Hi there

    I really enjoy your channel.

    Can you direct me towards your description of how to download movies from Primewire, I was sure I had set the download folder but when you press the ‘Menu’ button on the XBMC remote there is no download option? I assume I am just being an edjit? I set everything for Pheonix and it downloads no probs?

    Again many thanks for all your work and entertainment.

    Kindest regards


  • Mike

    Every time I click on a movie in 1 channel error script failed:1 channel pops up in bottom corner

    • open the url in browser and make sure it is working
      and if it is not been blocked in the browser then your isp has blocked it
      otherwiser if its working then clear the cache and try out.

  • Les

    Hi there when I am on primewire tv shows it asks me to enter a capture code, but the code is not displayed?
    I am using kodi on the fire stick.
    Thanks in advance

    • when it does that
      try to clear cache
      and go back to the same place and see if you get that message still

  • Les

    Hi, I’ve done all that but it still comes up wanting a capture but it does not show any capture to put in. I’m on the Fire stick. What do you suggest?
    Many thanks

  • josh

    I am getting a “no seasons found”. How do I fix?

  • Williet22

    I have done all of this and its still not working in the right hand bottom corner it says site blocked

  • Stewart

    Is there a new fix yet as still not able to open just keep getting blank menus HELP

  • cody

    im useing a s8w box with kodie i did the costom domain and now i get nothing on my kodi i cant even access the maintenance app

    • Maintance app has nothing to do with the primewire custom link
      check the primewire link in your browser..

  • andrew

    My mxq box keeps kicking me off of kodi and back to the home screen what should I do?

    • try this
      and disable all option for acceleration and try again

  • Gemma

    I can watch films fine, but I’m getting robot checks on tv shows. Asking me to copy the text in the image, but there is no image (using android). Any ideas?

    • try clearing the cache and try again a different link in the tv show it will work.. its too bad this error is causing the issue

  • Joshua

    I keep getting the check log error in 1channel and it wont let me watch anything. I uninstalled it all and redid everything and it still comes up with an error. what do i do? please help

    • have you tried the proxy url to work on browser see if the url is been blocked by your isp or now

      • Jimmy

        What’s the proxy Url?

  • KJ

    Seems only sometime in the last couple of weeks, when I attempt to watch any stream…TV or movie…I get a splash screen that says “Want to continue watching movies? Go to”

    I’ve tried it on a dozen or so in both my TV and Movie Favorites.