Funny Playlist and ODD Videos

Funny Playlist and ODD Videos


I created several playlists in my youtube channel to collect some of my videos but never in the past I did one for Funny or Odd Videos

for example, I created the KODI News Playlist , showing below, and I have to tell you that most videos took a very long time to make on that playlist unlike my other videos in my youtube channel.

They have been received very well as some have even reached 50K views. Which makes me think I should revisit that KODI news playlist


On Other hands the Funny  & Odd Videos Playlist has been never done, might not have even been known by everyone. The World might have just missed some of these videos as they dont get the views but the work on them is equally hard.

Below is the new playlist which is now showing on my youtube channel. Try watching some of the Videos .. I kinda like my alien and my rant videos lol

Not to mention the Samsung TV destruction lol



Enjoy the show guys


Husham Memar

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