Horus Build is the fastest build to access addons.

Unlike other builds where everything is sluggish with background images, This build has background images and rotating and high quality images but still very fast build.. access to the Video / Shows / and live IPTV is fantastic.


This is fantastic build. Excellent work by the builders.

KODI Supported Devices
1 – Amazon Fire Stick – amzn.to/23Ei1nm
2 – Amazon Fire TV – amzn.to/23Ei7vl
3 – NVidia Shield – amzn.to/23EieHi
4 – T8 android box – amzn.to/23Eixlc
5 – Asus Windows PC – amzn.to/23EiQg4
6 – Alien ware Laptop – amzn.to/1TR1c5Y
7 – Azulle Mini PC Stick – amzn.to/1safmEU
8 – T8 MINI – amzn.to/1YhQS8e

Hide your self from your ISP
VPN use the link below to get IPVanish – use discount code “husham” to get 25% discount

Husham T-Shirt Link
Subscribe and activate notification for next live chat
here is a guide to activate notifcation for youtube channels


Check out the guide how to install it

How to install KODI

INSTALLING KODI 15.1 & 15.2 – ISENGARD – Plus Wizard guide also in here – Sticky Post

Enjoy this fast build 🙂


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