How to make a KODI Wizard

How to make a KODI Wizard


Video Guide

Use the video guide below that explain the steps to make a wizard.

The steps 1,2 & 3

HOW TO Video Guide


This to help you make your own wizard, I have added my template, wizard modified below to download

Link 1 –
Link 2 –

Also below is the instructions


Step 1

1. Backup Kodi Addon
1.1 Get all kodi addons and repos installed in to kodi
1.2 Delete Thumbnail directory
1.3 delete Textures13 database file
1.4 Delete Addons19 and Addons16 (if available)
1.5 Zip directory ( Addons / userdata and option of media directory )
1.6 Upload your zip to web ( i.e or

Step 2

2. create a text pointer file
2.1 text file to point to zip

Step 3

3. Create the zip file
3.1 Modify the addon.xml
3.2 Modify the (requires step 2.1 to get text file )
3.3 Zip file new zip wizard

Install the new wizard zip from step 2 and enjoy your wizard


I hope this helps most of you,
And if you want me to make a wizard for you then there will be a charge for time makeing the wizard.. This video took a long time to prepare and make the video guide by it self. 🙂


Storage locations

Some people would be happy to use dropbox  for their small projects but when trying to use a big project you can use or


Husham Memar


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  • J.d. Smith

    How much would you charge to make me a wizard and build?

    • You have all the tools to make it your self my friend.. I hope you can make it your self

      Otherwise .. the charge for a wizard due to the time consumtion it takes .. The charge is too much

  • Ro

    How to put your wizard on . tried to put it there but when I try to access through Kodi, it doesn’t show up.
    Thanks are Awesom

    • dont use x10host they tend to remove it
      use instead

      • Ro

        Thanks Husham. Why my wizard zip file doesn’t show up when I add source in kodi? it shows up when I open page on chrome or internet explorer.

  • Raymond

    Hi mate some of my builds download fine others stop half way through any ideas?

    • must be a torrent addon or p2p addon causing issue
      or sometimes date error causing issues
      try to look at the kodi log to see what caused this
      also try to look at the possibility to do the build again from start in case its too much trouble to diagnose the issue

  • jordan ryan

    Hi Husham, Thanks for the video its great :). I have managed to create a wizard with 1 build now 🙂 my question was to add another build is it in the wizard.txt file or the file and create another wizard2.txt for example :). Hopefully you just need to change the wizard.txt but I am unsure. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

  • Hi Husham I have followed your video to the letter and it has worked perfect thank you. Now I was wondering if you could help with adding a second and third build to my wizard how do I go about this?