KODI 17 FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )



Check out some of the KODI 17 usual questions below, these questions are entirely based on questions by users and by

  1. What is Kodi? What is Krypton?
    1. Kodi is the new name for XBMC media centre. “Krypton” something will be the codename for version 17, just as “Jarvis” was the codename for Kodi v16 and “Isengard was the codename for Kodi v15”. You will often see “v17” and “Krypton” used interchangeably in the community.
  2. Can I watch Movies in KODI?
    1. Yes you can, many different methods starting from CD/Blueray to Online 3rd Party add-ons
    2. You can always use google to provide storage to provide you movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEIWZx-Ueok
    3. You can use KODI 3rd Party Builds to be installed for many easy setups www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSt21BXKwMKLQq2VKVGzbzxtht1Uwu2nB
  3. How much do I have to pay for KODI?
    1. Nothing, KODI is an open source program.
  4. Can I Pay KODI Team to support them?
    1. Yes you can, located in this web page 
  5. Can I donate to Husham.com?
    1. Yes you can donate to Husham.com using this page http://www.husham.com/buy-drink-donation-page/ or just use this link 
  6. Is KODI 17 Safe to install?
    1. Yes – Installation of KODI is safe
  7. Is KODI 17 legal?
    1. Yes – There is no legal issue for you to use a simple media player which is what KODI is.
  8. Will KODI Shut down?
    1. No – Nothing about this apart from rumors.
  9. Can I use KODI 17 with 3rd party add-ons
    1. Yes
  10. Does KODI 17 have builds?
    1. Yes – Try out some of the builds in my youtube playlist 
  11. Will KODI 17 work with my Android Device
    1. You will need android 5.1.1 to get KODI to work on your Android Device. Confirm this by going to Android / Settings / About and check the version number.
  12. Can I upgrade my android 4.1.1 to latest Android Operating system like 5.1.1.x or Android 6.x?
    1. Usually you should be able to, however, depends on your device manufacturer if they are giving you an OTA (over the air) upgrade or manual download from the manufacturer official website. In either case, go to the manufacturer only to provide you upgrade.
  13. I want to upgrade to Android 5.1.1 or Android 6 but I can’t find any firmware upgrade for my device or no manufacture device page for my device.
    1. best thing to do is to buy a new device look at my review
  14. How do I get updates on KODI latest information?
    1. Subscribe to my youtube channel and activate notification 
  15. Can I install KODI 17 on iPhone?
    1. Yes you can
      1. Some methods do require a 7-day activation unless you sign up to apple $99 annual payment
      2. Some methods do require you jailbreak the iPhone
      3. for some situation, you can do it online from the web but apple is hot on these methods and tends to issue a deactivation on these methods quickly.
  16. Will KODI shuts down?
    1. Yes KODI will shutdown ( IN YOUR DREAMS ) hehe, seriously KODI is an open source program and as long as the code is open for modifications then KODI or even the IDEA of KODI will not be able to be shut down, even if Team KODI stop working on it. This idea can not stop as we have seen the many different clones or forks that are on the web, including PLEX, SPMC, DBMC and many others
  17. How do I download KODI 17?
    1. I created an article that can assist you with that
  18. How Do I download a KODI build?
    1. Check out my youtube kodi builds for current and latest builds Click Here
  19. Can you download movies to an external source for example USB stick/drive?
    1. Yes, you can add that by setting certain 3rd party add-ons to download to the external source. Example Addons are Zen and Excodus.


Any more questions about KODI 17, please put them below and I will add them to the list and have an answer for you.



This page was last updated Last updated: March 29, 2017 at 20:18 pm



This page was last updated Last updated: March 29, 2017 at 20:18 pm

16 Comments on KODI 17 FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Husham,
    I cannot figure out how to update Kodi from 16.1 to 17.0 on my Amazon FireTV 1. I have tried ADBfire, Downloader, and ES File Explorer. They all fail. I either get a parse error, or just a failed to download. I have been downloading the ARM version of the file. Can you help?

    • its not been updated for a while
      none of the arabic devs working on kodi now days because they dont get the support that they hoped for.. no one sharing or evening donating
      no one pressing like on the videos for the addons.. these things hurt devs man and youtubers alike

  2. you say with kodi 17 you can save to an external device but android 5 and 6 do not allow saving to say a thumbdrive or external HD..android 7 fixed this problem

  3. Hai husham

    I have a problem,when i play a m3u file on my mxq box with perfect player the channels work only for 10 sesconds..

    But on Kodi with fm4tester they work perfect,so is there something els lik f4mtestr for android box so i can watch the channels??
    With perfect player?

    Thank you very much

  4. is there any plan on having shahid repo back to work or its officially dead ? is thereamy forum or any official page where this repo (shahid) is in talks ?

  5. Hi, i followed all your instructions for shahid but il does not work, it always says trying proxy xx.xx.xx.8080 please help me
    thank you in advance

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