UK TURKS Update to 2.09

February 18, 2016 3

UK TURKS Update to 2.09 UK Turks has been updated today to 2.09, assumption that he had updated links as the addon doesnt have any new changes in the change log Video how to install […]

Movie 25 Update to 0.19 Has been updated

February 18, 2016 2

Movie 25 update to 0.19 has been updated   A recent Update to the movie 25 has been update to 0.19 Full change log v0.1 – initial beta version v0.2 – added notification for no […]

Exodus KODI addon

February 18, 2016 0

Exodus KODI addon Description Exodus is the replacement add-on for Genesis from Lambda. The guide below will ensure you have the latest version of this add-on and the repo so that it automatically updates.   […]


February 17, 2016 8

CELLARDOOR TV KODI FMC BUILD WIZARD REVIEW This was an interesting review as the wizard was actually simple and straight to the point with shortcuts, also this was very easy to use.     Video […]

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A video to clear the FMC Rumours

February 16, 2016 4

A video to clear the FMC Rumors After allot of people spreading rumors on FMC and despite my last Information page, most are spreading rumors and most people just like to listen to rumors.   […]

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