Sports Devil


Sports Devil

You can install Sports devil using the Sports devil Launcher or the Sports devil directly from repo’s all over the world these days.


Sports Devil Launcher

Sports Devil Launcher

The sports devil launcher tend to search out if a new version of the sports devil is avaliiable and published with the repos otherwise known as the Community Portal or CP for short.

This works most of the time how ever there is the odd issues that you will get Sports devil downloaded from other location which has a bad sports devil build in their repo.


Repo Downloads


sports devil

The repo was able to host the sports devil repo but due to many people causing issues with repo attacks on the addons, I decided to remove it from the repo

You can try to download it now from other repos as indiated in this video guide that you can attempt to use Iwillfolo to download the sports devil addon directly and manually instead of the sports devil launcher.



Hope this helps most of that asks me about sports devil

Enjoy the Show

Husham Memar



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  • Your Mum

    Why are you using images for FreeBSD and associating them with sports devil? You should fix that, its misleading.

    • which image you are referring to.. The image is here is for sprots devil and sports devil launcher.. This is a documented addon images…

  • Ann Magoon

    I installed Sports Devil according to instructions in your video but once installed I got the message for unmet dependencies and it’s not working. Any remedies for this? Thanks.