DutchCloudTv IPTV Updated to 4.4.4

February 24, 2016 5

DutchCloudTv Updated to 4.4.4 Now its only working for Netherlands so I had to use VPN to connect to see if it is working still.   New Change Long states [B]V4.4.4[/B] – Geo Block DCTV […]

CCLoud updated to 1.4.3

February 20, 2016 6

The CCloud addon had updated to 1.4.3 As per below the information from the change log [b]1.4.3[/b] – Added additional servers for stability – Dailymotion support removed. The addon is broken and isn’t included in […]

A video to clear the FMC Rumours

February 16, 2016 4

A video to clear the FMC Rumors After allot of people spreading rumors on FMC and despite my last Information page, most are spreading rumors and most people just like to listen to rumors.   […]

FMC information in this article

February 15, 2016 29

FMC Information below Here are below some information/FAQ’s about FMC that everyone is asking, some were answered during the live show episode 99 . Here are some information about FMC.       What is FMC? FMC […]

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