10,000,0000 + Users in KODI – So say the KODI Team


10,000,0000+ Users in KODI

KODI Team Quotes

KODI is really Awesome

KODI had 3 Million Google Play download

While been interviewed in the CES 2016 by Armdevices, the KODI team said that over 10 Million KODI users world wide based on download stats.

This number can easily be doubled or trippled based on users download once and share on their Amazon Firesticks or Android devices on just simply getting an android box pre installed with this.

I put the interview by Armdevies below (Wish they come to the UK and I will interview them my self) This was a great overview on the guys of KODI and a great questions was asked from them.

They also indicated that KODI can be used on many different platforms including gameing on Twitch, this much be new thing because I didn't see it before but I am up to looking for it starting today.


Did you know that over 10 Million users use KODI?

Here I am saying to the KODI Team.. Keep it up guys, you are doing a great work


Installing KODI

Install KODI Now using the KODI Guides on the below web pages

INSTALLING KODI 15.1 & 15.2 – ISENGARD – Plus Wizard guide also in here – Sticky Post

Installing KODI In Arabic Guide

Install KODI in ARABIC and IPTV guide


Installing KODI on Apply TV 4

Install KODI on Apple TV 4


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