14 Best Working Kodi Addons in October 2021

14 Best Working Kodi Addons in October 2021

Since there are countless Kodi addons on the internet, it is often difficult to find the ones that are still reliable and working smoothly. We know how many users struggle to find working addons; so, here’s a detailed list of the 14 Best Working Kodi Addons in October 2021. The addons run perfectly and can be used to watch all sorts of online media content, in high quality. Therefore, without wasting too much time, let’s look at the list of working Kodi addons that can definitely be relied upon!
Safe Streaming in 2021
Before we get into our list of the best working Kodi addons, let’s talk about protection and security online. Most of the popular Kodi addons let you stream content from multiple sources; this may include torrent servers and other vulnerable public-access servers. This is the case with the community or third-party add-ons. You never know what the developer is using to fetch streaming sources. It increases the chances of copyright violation and the burden of responsibility remains on the user of the addon. You will see the disclaimer on most of the community addons; the developer doesn’t take the responsibility for copyright violations or illegal access to media sources. Technically speaking, Kodi itself is a media player with some additional features to organize a media library and use plugins to stream media from online sources.
The best you can do for safe and anonymous streaming is to install a VPN service
Since there are dozens of developers selling VPNs it becomes tricky to find the most suitable depending on the features and pricing. However, I can help you if you don’t have an idea about what the best VPN is in 2021.

The VPN I recommend

IPVanish is the name I trust the most in 2021 for multiple good reasons. This VPN serves you with a comprehensive network of servers in 6 continents covering almost all major regions including the United States and the United Kingdom.
IPVanish is the name I trust the most in 2021 for multiple good reasons. This VPN serves you with a comprehensive network of servers in 6 continents covering almost all major regions including the United States and the United Kingdom.
While streaming media via Kodi you never know when you violate regional restrictions of copyright laws. But with the IPVanish VPN in place, your IP address remains a secret so there is no need to worry about mishaps. But I don’t encourage you to commit violations on purpose. This is just a precautionary measure in case of an unintentional violation that is done by community add-ons. Moreover, IPVanish lets you keep hackers from your device and personal information. The encryption protects your data even if you are using a public WiFi network.
 IPVanish is the optimal VPN for Kodi and IPTV Players, and we were able to get an exclusive 71% of IPVanish.
Get 71% from IPVanish, now!

Top 14 Working Kodi Addons in October 2021
1. FEN

If you love streaming movies and TV series on Kodi, we recommend you try out the FEN add-on. Has a variety of content for you to enjoy; includes movies and TV shows with long lists of favorites, discover, popular, and what not! It uses TikiScrappers to scrape different links from all over the internet, so the content is different and up-to-date. It offers links with high-definition video and can be downloaded from the Tikipeter repository. Furthermore, FEN also supports Real-Debrid, so make sure you try it out and enjoy it!
Click here for the guide to install FEN Kodi addon.
2. TAZ

TAZ is one of the latest Kodi addons out there, that provide its users with all of their favorite content, all in one place. The streaming links have the amazing quality from 720p, up to 1080p and in addition, when you integrate your add-on with Real-Debrid, you get to experience no-buffer streaming!
Apart from that, the add-on also offers many categories of movies, TV shows, videos and so much more content that you can browse through. TAZ has a simple and easy-to-use interface to make sure that users find it easy to navigate through it.
Check out our guide to install TAZ Kodi addon.
3. Scrubs v2

For the orphans of Exodus, Scrubs v2 is the fork that really worths installing. When first tested it on Streaming Movies, I was positively impacted by the ease of use and the fact that most to all of the links are working fine. The streams are well categorized, in Movies and TV Shows having even categories based on IMDB and TMDB lists, making it easy for the user to find what is looking for. I’ve used this addon for some time now and, apparently, has been regularly updated with new and recent movies with excellent reproduction quality. This addon will surprise you too for sure.
Visit the Scrubs v2 install guide!
4. Tempest

Also, a fork of the famous Exodus and Covenant Kodi addons, Tempest is particularly popular because of its many streams of quality. Having the streams categorized as Movies, Series, and Live TV, Tempest should be labeled as an all-in-one addon; however, it’s very hard to find a working TV Channel. Despite failing on Live TV, the huge amount of links to quality streams of films and series that it makes available, forget this little flaw and lead us to strongly recommend this addon.
Visit the tempest Install Guide and enjoy the best of the cinema!
5. Venom

As we see many famous Kodi add-ons struggling to stay active, Venom still manages to thrive among the most popular ones. The reason behind this is that Venom has the best on-demand content to bring to its users, especially with its various categories of movies, TV series, videos and so much more! The video quality is unmatchable and the links work without any disruption. All the content is scrapped from the best and most reliable sources and it can also be paired up with Real Debrid to get the best out of it!
You can easily install Venom Kodi addon following this guide.
6. Seren

For those of you looking for an all-in-one add-on in 2021, Seren is possibly the best option out there. The new add-on offers unmatchable quality streaming links and is required to be paired with Real Debrid. Besides, the add-on also has a lot to offer, in terms of media content. The unlimited media content available on Seren is organized into lists to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for!
Click here to install Seren Kodi addon.
7. TvTap

TvTap is one of the most popular add-ons among Live TV lovers and offers the best links to your favorite TV channels for many categories from Movie to News channels and especially Sports. In fact, the Sports category made this Addon greatly demanded as includes links to all the most important Sports Channels. Frequently updated, TvTap is one of the most stable Addons and the difficulty is to find a not working link.
Visit the TvTap Install Guide!
8. Sportowa TV

Sportowa is a well-known add-on, perfect for replacing the ones that no longer work. It has a great deal to offer, especially with its on-demand video content and live sports streaming links. There are different categories to choose from and also a list of TV channels that you can watch through live streaming. Sportowa TV has been the go-to add-on for many Kodi users, especially the sports fanatics and we highly recommend it!
Here is our guide to install Sportowa Addon on Kodi.
9. Rising Tides

Since almost all working add-ons scrape content from various sources from the internet, it can be a difficult task to find an add-on that has different content to offer. However, Rising Tides is popular for its extensive range of media content, including Live PPV Events, Live sports channels, live football, AceStream Live Stream, IPTV Heaven, and what not! Rising Tides is the perfect add-on for any game night and the installation steps are very easy to follow, so go ahead and try it out.
Click here for the guide to install Rising Tides Kodi addon.
10. BBC iPlayer

When it comes to sports, live streaming on the internet can be a hassle if you do not have a reliable source. BBC iPlayer is, without a doubt, as incredible as the channel itself. It offers the best quality video and audio streaming, links that run smoothly without lagging, and a variety of sports to watch. The content is always up-to-date, and you do not have to worry about lengthy installation procedures, as BBC iPlayer can be installed from inside the Kodi app. Depending on where you live in the world, you might have problems accessing BBC iPlayer. If you live outside of the UK for example, BBC iPlayer is blocked. Luckily there are ways that you can unblock this which you can find here.
11. FunimationNow

Originally, FunimationNow was a third-party add-on, however, it has now become an official Kodi add-on. This is why it is really easy to install the add-on from within the Kodi app in just a few and easy steps. As the name suggests, the add-on is specialized in Anime and has great functionality, which makes it popular among Kodi users and it has a wide variety of media content to offer.
Anime fans are in luck, as FunimationNow provides access to anime shows from Japan with English dubbing, and that too in 720p and 1080p streaming qualities. After the free trial, you can easily benefit from all these services for just $5.99 per month and enjoy the unlimited media content available!

There are many adult Kodi add-ons available on the internet, but XXX-O-DUS has proven to be the most reliable one. It is also known as the adult version of Exodus. XXX-O-DUS works by scraping content from various adult websites and the best sources from the internet and brings it all to you in one add-on. The lists are neatly organized into categories and subcategories including scenes, Hentai, Live Cams, Pictures, Movies and so much more. The streaming quality is amazing, as you can watch any type of media content in high-definition and that too, for free!
Here is the simple guide to install XXX-O-DUS Kodi addon.

13. Wolfpack

If you are looking for a quality all-in-one add-on for your game nights, movie nights, or just a Saturday night, Wolfpack is most certainly, the best way to go. It has a wide range of options for you, ranging from movies, TV series, kid’s programs, adult shows, 3D movies, documentaries, comedy shows, and Live TV.
All the content is organized into lists, to make it easy for its users to find whatever they’re looking for. If you are a sports lover, all you have to do is go to the Midian option inside the add-on and then click on Live Stuff. Here you’ll find the option that leads to all your favorite sports channels.
Here is the guide to install Wolfpack Kodi addon.
14. The Loop

With the countless sports add-ons available on the internet, The Loop is one of the top ones out there. It works by scraping streaming links from many different websites and also allows you to access Live TV and on-demand content in Canada, UK, and the US. All the content is shown to its users in the form of categories and lists that include NBC Sports Regionals, Game Zone Replay, Fan Zone, Test Zone, Golf 24/7, Fight Zone and CBC Regionals. The list of content inside these categories is loaded with media content to choose from and while it has a lot, you might have to hunt and peck a bit to find the exact stream you are looking for.
Here is our guide to install The Loop Kodi addon.
Popular Kodi Addons Not Working in 2021
As you know, many popular add-ons have struggled to stay alive, and some of them have stopped working now. However, we always make sure we find the perfect replacement for every add-on, to save you the trouble of searching the internet for reliable Kodi add-ons. Here is a list of some popular Kodi add-ons that have stopped working in 2021 and how you can replace them.
USTV is an official TV channel that offers live US TV channels to the US military personnel residing in other countries. The Kodi addon USTV Now, provides links to NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW, PBS and so many more free and paid US TV channels. The add-on can be downloaded from its Kodi repository and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with its remarkable streaming quality and the variety of content it has to offer.
Now, this addon was removed from the official Kodi repository and reported as broken
Exodus Redux
Exodus Redux is a reboot of Exodus and had proven to be as amazing as the previous one! Using Lamba scrapers to bring the best streaming links from different sources on the internet, For a long time Exodus Redux was the obvious choice for watching the latest TV shows, movies, videos, and TV series. Unfortunately most or all links are not working anymore, and is up to you to uninstall it from your Kodi. However, there are lots of other addons you can trust at the moment, such as FEN, Scrubs v2, Tempest, Venom, or visit a list for the Exodus Redux replacement.
Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon used to be a popular Kodi Addon to watch 4K Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and many more. After the Supremacy Repo shut down it has been impossible to install and update this Addon. In the meanwhile, another repo has begun to be available at a different host. However, it seems to be not updated any longer and, at the time I write, it doesn’t work anymore. You can replace it by using one or all the FEN, Scrubs v2, Tempest, and/or Venom
The famous Odin add-on has stopped working in 2020, but that does not stop its users from finding a replacement! The add-on was well-known for its extensive lists of media content including movies and TV shows. However, you can use FEN, TAZ, or even Venom, in place of Odin.
We understand how bummed out all sports fanatics would be, after knowing that TVOne111 has stopped working in 2020. Therefore, after a lot of testing and research, we recommend you try out TvTap, Sportowa TV, and Rising Tides in place of TVOne111. They provide access to all the TV channels and streaming links that TVOne111 had to offer.
It is disappointing to see this popular addon disappeared from Kodi. SportsDevil was one of the most popular add-ons for sports lovers and it worked for years before it was pulled down in 2020. As an alternative, you can use Rising Tides to watch multiple sports events on Kodi.
As the number of Kodi addons is increasing, many of the popular ones are going down. We know it is a hassle to look for working Kodi addons that are reliable and offer the same quality content, but we strive to look for the best replacements we can find. This list should help and we’ll try to ensure that you have access to a similar list on a monthly basis. However,…

Do not forget!

Most of the best working Kodi addons here above listed are third-party Kodi addons and can supply links to copyright content. To protect your Identity and safety, we strongly advise you to use a Good VPN like IPVanish as it will help you stay away from DMCA notices and legal charges.

Hope this article on 14 Best Working Kodi Addons in October 2021, may help you to make your addon library more effective.
Finally, make sure you rate and comment this article, letting us know which addons are working for you, in the comments section below.

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