3 Best Kodi Addons for Adults in 2019

Best Kodi Addons for Adults in 2019

3 Best Kodi Addons for Adults in 2019

Unlike KODI Addons that always get taken down by copyright strikes, KODI Adult addons or Porn Addons are always available in KODI and have never been affected by the copyright strike monsters.

We had a scare a few years back from Porn HUB trying to sue the Adult addons in KODI. Instead, this was later avoided as soon as porn hub realised that most of their sales were from people coming from KODI users.

KODI Best Adult addons for 2019

Check out the KODI list of Adult addons below.

1. XXX-D-DUS covers XXX-O-DUS kodi addon porn addon adult sex

Most popular addon when it comes to adult addons is XXX-O-DUS. Located in the Stream Army repository

XXX-D-DUS covers a wide range of website for adults, and it sorts the content by source and by categories.

  • Pros  –
    • Covers a wide range of adult contents.
  • Cons –
    • Pin Required every time you use it

How to install XXX-D-DUS Addon

2. Ultimate WhitecreamUltimate WhiteCream kodi Addon porn addon

The Ultimate Whitecream latest Dobbelina version may currently be the best working Kodi adult addon. This great online porn streaming add-on has been around so long it’s often simply called Kodi Whitecream or even just UWC.

Setup the new WhiteCream from Dobbelina to find a collection of adult content even larger than XXX-O-DUS or YouPorn add-on. Get categories including young, hot, blonde ass pornos from top XXX site sources all over the internet. This has made Ultimate White Cream porn Kodi addon an extremely popular download.

Also, please note that not all of the addons you’ll end up with will work. So, update them manually, one by one, and you should have a sizeable library of working adult addons.

  • Pros  –
    • Covers multiple websites for fast Adult streaming with no buffering
  • Cons –
    • Some Websites have blocked the addon so some contents to be double-clicked to work.

How to install Ultimate Whitecream Addon

3. FapZoneAdult KODI FapZone Addon Guide 2019

During the last couple of months, numerous adult-related Kodi addons have left us. However, numerous alternatives lurk around the corner as well, and we’re here to give you our best recommendations. With this said, you won’t go wrong with a newly updated FapZone.

You can install this addon from the Stream Army, where you’ll also find a number of other highly popular addons as well.FapZone comes with several dozen different video categories and it plays video clips in up to 720p (60fps). We’re sure you’re going to love it.

  • Pros  –
    • Covers a wide range of adult contents.
    • Very Nice KODI Theme Display for this addon
  • Cons –
    • Pin Required every time you use it

How to install FapZone Addon


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