AOS TV APK Fix on the Firestick IPTV Live TV


AOS TV Firestick Fix

How to make AOS IPTV APK work on the Firestick

AOS TV is another great IPTV Android application giving a lot of value to the users. The special thing about this is that streams content internationally. So you get access to the majority of the content available as TV channels worldwide. The APP allows you to watch More than 1000+ Live TV Channels free on your Android Phone from across the world

Can be installed on Firestick by using the downloader App from the Firestick App store and putting this URL

AOS TV only Goes up and down!

AOS TV and many other APKs some time come preset for the mouse to be used and that why on the Firestick you will find it hard to move around the menus.

So in order to make sure you that AOS is able to display a mouse in the firestick, you will be required to install another APK for the firestick called Mouse Toggler.

So if you want the AOS TV AK Fix on the Firestick please follow the steps below

On the firestick

enable Developer mode

Enable unknown apps to be installed

user downloader to download AOS TV from this link –

Use Downloader to download Mouse Toggler –

Install both these apps and open the Mouse Toggler for a quick guide and make sure it is enabled

Now open AOS TV APK and double click twice on the Mouse play/pause button very quickly until the Mouse toggler will show



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