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C channel

“Center for World Mission”
Christian representative channel, C channel

  Christian IPTV, which aims to be a center for world missions, was born on June 1, 2011 under the name of “C Channel”.
  ‘C' in C-channel has various theological, missionary and social meanings. C on channel C is Christ, or Jesus Christ
Based on a firm belief in identity, we lead people to the way of salvation through ‘cross', the Gospel of the cross, and apply it as a culture,
It means to lead a clean culture.
  ‘Channel’ in C channel means communication. Just as Jesus Christ became the channel between God and man, through Channel C
To bridge the gap between God and human beings, the church and the world. Above all, in the context of Korean church crisis,
Channel C implies the willingness to share the Gospel values ​​and reach out to our society and non-Christians with the love of Jesus.
  In addition, C Channel has three visions: cross nation, cross media and cross culture. In the age of globalization
Expanded the area of ​​media mission across the globe. To do this, we plan to make full use of all available media.
Through the synergy effect of the Gospel will be maximized. In addition, while communicating with a society where various thoughts and cultures coexist,
Only the glory of God is to be firmly established. The willingness to take on the role of light and salt in the world as a broadcasting ministry.
  Taken together, the core value of Channel C is the Christ Centered Channel, the Lord.
This core value is not only the basis of media mission, but also the confession and commitment of all members of the C Channel. Meanwhile, the CI scheme of C channel is
Expressed in smooth streamlined font and pastel tones. Not only for Christians, but for everyone to feel comfortable.
In addition, it embodies a variety of meanings and dynamics, emulating the image of blue, yellow, and purple, which symbolize salvation, hope, and faith.
We are dreaming of a new emergency under the new name of C Channel. Transcending borders, media and culture in the Lord's confession
We are looking forward to establishing ourselves as the center channel of world mission through the message of the Gospel.

Video service through Wi-Fi and 3G.
Live TV, TV Replay, News, Sermons, Schedule

Sharing and serving. 3% movement to change the world, the beginning of a beautiful march to share the Gospel to the next generation!
Ask for prayer and support for the ministry, and together, 3% who change the world to expand the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.
I hope you become.
Become a 3% C-Channel missionary who prays and sponsors with C-Channels until all nations and nations know the Lord.

CMS Sponsor, ARS Sponsor 060-801-8888
Sponsored Account Hana Bank: 1004-1004-100104, Kookmin Bank: 9010-1004-545
         Account holder: Agape Foundation
Inquiry of Support 02-3153-1004

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This application brought to you By C Channel Broadcasting Corporation Lt


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