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Each year, hundreds of wild animals of different species are killed or irreparably damaged and therefore unable to return to the wild due to a result of collisions with vehicles. This is especially due to the high number of domestic vehicles and a lack of correctly structured dual carriageways preventing the crossing of wild animals. We have an ongoing project which aims to collect data in regards to roadkill, with the data having been collected on reptiles since 2009. The application is fundamental for efficient data collection, not only on reptiles but across all classes. The presence of this data will therefore be essential for coming up with an action plan to tackle these issues. The project will enable the identification of the species most vulnerable to collisions, and the locations in which the highest volume of deaths are found, while also showing indications of the number of roadkill annually. The application also allows everybody to take action on a personal level, enabling people to be involved in such issues. The application is free of charge and users can take photos of roadkill with their location automatically included, and this will be uploaded onto the database.

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