Apple Gravity initap-Overseas return to China to chase dramas and listen to songs VPN

Gravity initap-Overseas return to China to chase dramas and listen to songs VPN

New Apple ITUNE APP is available from the ITUNE Store to be used with your iPhone.

This is another IPTV Application

►Gravity Accelerator supports all domestic platforms:[Domestic music]NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, Himalaya, Kugou Music, Migu Music, National K Songs, Kuwo Music…[Domestic Video]Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, Mango TV, Bilibili, Douyin, Kuaishou, Volcano video…[Domestic live broadcast]Huya live broadcast, Douyu TV, Penguin e-sports, Tencent Sports, PP Sports, CCTV5…[Other scenes]Visit Taobao, Weibo, Gaode navigation ,, Tencent Conference, Flush, Radish Investment Research, Wind, Choice… business office and other scenarios are also supported. ►Our advantages: 【Professional】Professional server and intelligent acceleration technology, leading the industry.[Stable]Node lines are closely deployed, real-time data monitoring, dedicated local lines customized,[High Speed]Cooperate with top cloud vendors to build exclusive high-quality acceleration servers that support 4K HD playback.[Convenient]Minimal UI, no ads, one-click acceleration, simple operation;[Share]One-time purchase and sharing, support mobile phones, computers, tablets, TV boxes and multiple devices online at the same time, Gigabit bandwidth unlimited traffic, super cost-effective ;[Safety]Bank-level encrypted transmission, protection of personal privacy in the law; 24-hour technical operation and maintenance, considerate service; *If you encounter any problems in use or have any suggestions for the product, please contact us for feedback through the following methods: in-app Contact online customer service; Official email: [email protected][Description of continuous monthly subscription]1. Service name: continuous monthly subscription 2. Price: 25 yuan/month 3. Purchase of a continuous monthly subscription account will be 24 hours before the expiration of each month , The iTunes account is automatically deducted and the membership validity period is extended by 1 month. 4. If you need to cancel the subscription, please manually open the Apple phone “Settings” –> enter “iTunes Store and App Store” –> click “Apple ID”, select “View Apple ID”, enter the “Account Settings” page, click “Subscribe”, select the continuous monthly subscription to cancel the subscription. If the subscription is not closed at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, the subscription will be automatically renewed. 5. Service agreement (including continuous monthly service rules): 6. Privacy agreement:

This application brought to you By Chengdu Jifeng Hudong Network Technology Co., Ltd.


In order to user this APP you will need to have an iPhone and click on the link below to download it directly from ITUNE

Download from Itunes

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