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New Apple ITUNE APP is available from the ITUNE Store to be used with your iPhone.

This is another IPTV Application

IPTV the way you like it!
An excellent user interface that allows you to manage your playlists and channels in a very intuitive way.

Support for high resolution (HD, 4k) available for all platforms (Mac, Iphone, iPad and Apple-TV)

– Video streaming from multiple protocols (http, RTMP, RTSP, TS, MMS …)
– EPG (TV Guide) support
– M3U playlist support

– Add, modify, delete, sort playlists
– Channels can be added, modified, deleted, sorted, copied or moved manually to other playlists.
– Drag & drop to sort channels and playlists
– Parental control via pin code
– View details of movies and TV series: Actors, categories, votes, trailers. Directed by “themoviedb”.

Performance improvement
Detailed information on our Terms of Use is available here –
Privacy Policy –

– IPTV Streamer does not provide or include any media or streaming content.
– Users must enter their own content
– We do not approve of streaming copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.

This application brought to you By Oussema Riahi


In order to user this APP you will need to have an iPhone and click on the link below to download it directly from ITUNE

Download from Itunes

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  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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