Apple MultiVision TV – Multi Player IP TV Movie 4K and for YouTube HD – Full Version

New Apple ITUNE APP is available from the ITUNE Store to be used with your iPhone.

This is another IPTV Application

MultiVision is an app can be silenced our doubts allowing watching two videos simultaneously from the same device.

MultiVision is an application designed and easy to use which allows you to watch two videos programs at the same time, two YouTube video simultaneously on one of your devices iPhone/iPod iPad to watch wherever and whenever you want.

Using the app is easy, immediate and quite intuitive. Just installed and started, in fact, we will be immediately shown on the home screen that divides the screen into two. By clicking on the respective buttons “+”, we will access to a drop down menu that will give you the ability to add video being played from a variety of sources:

• “YouTube Search” for a quick search of any video: music, movies, cartoons for kids, tutorials etc. .. available on YouTube.

• “Add Channel URL to Bookmarks” to add your favorite channels “M3u8, Mov, Mp4 and YouTube” in your Bookmarks.

This application brought to you By Star App


In order to user this APP you will need to have an iPhone and click on the link below to download it directly from ITUNE

Download from Itunes

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  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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