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Watch Live TV & IPTV Stream HD

New Apple ITUNE APP is available from the ITUNE Store to be used with your iPhone.

This is another IPTV Application

The Prime IPTV is a fantastic video streaming player that lets users watch Live TV, VOD, Series, and TV Catchup on their iPhones, iPads, tvOS, and Macs.

Features Overview:

* Live TV, Movies and Series Streaming Supported
* Resume functionality for video
* Fast streaming
* Easy access
* Auto-update TV Guide (EPG List)
* Sorting and searching (Live tv, Movies, Series)
* Possibility to add to favorites (Live tv, Movies, Series)
* Support: TV Catch Up Streaming
* Parental Controls
* Show Hide Category List
* Player: Dynamic language switching
* Player: Embedded subtitle
* Add Multiple URL
* Multi TV Support


• No media or content is provided or included by Prime IPTV.
• Users are responsible for their own content.
• There is no affiliation between Prime IPTV and any third-party provider.
• We do not support copyright-protected material being streamed without the authorization of the copyright holder.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions:

This application brought to you By Vitthalbhai Dankhra


In order to user this APP you will need to have an iPhone and click on the link below to download it directly from ITUNE

Download from Itunes

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  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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