Apple Vita2 Stream Live Player Lite

New Apple ITUNE APP is available from the ITUNE Store to be used with your iPhone.

This is another IPTV Application

Lite & Free version of Vita2 Stream Live Player. The only difference from standard version is:
– Limited channels/streams per playlist are playable.

All other features, such as playlist management, playlist validation and auto-grouping are fully functional.

What's more, there are 1+ hr(s) bonus time per day, during which the playable limitation is removed.

—The following are descriptions of standard Vita2 Stream Live Player—

Vita2 Stream Live Player helps you watch free live TV or IPTV from M3U playlists that you make/find by yourself or that your broadband service provider made for you. (Many ISP provide the clients with the add-on of free HLS IPTV channels). The key features are:

– Work with unstable connection.
Some key tech schemes are utilized to enable Vita2 Stream to work with unstable internet connection. Also for the better performance, Vita2 uses multi-threads to download HLS segments.

– Automatically Validation
Vita2 automatically validates streams/urls within a playlist. You will always be shown a playable list, even if the M3U playlist is dynamical and is frequently updated remotely. Moreover, Vita2 will rank the streams/channels according to bandwidth RQD, downloading speed and video quality, etc.

– Vita2 supports nested playlist.
This feature enables you to integrate multiple playlists into one. Also it make your playing hassle-free if your ISP provides the nested playlists.

– Auto-group streams/channels.
Vita2 can group the streams/channels according to some predefined tags, e.g. favorite, or tags found in the playlist (refer to group-title attribute illustrated below).

The following is an example of M3U file:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”” group-title=”GroupA”,Channel A
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”” group-title=”GroupB,GourpC”,Channel B
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo=”” group-title=”GroupC”,Channel C
#EXTINF:-1 ,Nested List A

– HLS Streams of VOD type are currently unsupported.

– This app only work with FREE channels. It cannot be utilized to play any paid channels.

– Also Vita2 Stream does not store or share your playlist(s). All the playlists which you input, only be stored in your devices or your iCloud space.

This application brought to you By JINGBO DU


In order to user this APP you will need to have an iPhone and click on the link below to download it directly from ITUNE

Download from Itunes

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  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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