BEETV APK Takedown News


BEETV APK Takedown News

Beetv is one the best apk that replaced ShowBOX after Showbox creator threatened users that they will release their information to the police. BeeTV has been great in the means of streaming contents and replacing Showbox contents, and despiate showbox did return and quitley came back to the scene with out any one knowning what did really happen.

BeeTV continued to be one of the best replacment for Showbox.


If you try to download BeeTV today you would get the folowing message

Error: 461
Restricted Content
This file is no longer available due to a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by amazon seller services pvt. ltd..
This message is actually a message from DROPBOX, the hosting company for BEETV files and versions, What this mean is that officalversion of BEETV will no longer be avaliable to download until BEETV Finds another hosting company to store it.

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