Best KODI Live Show Schedule


Live Show Schedule

The Schedule of husham Live show are below ( based on UK Times )

  • Monday – 22:00
  • Thursday – 22:00
  • Friday – 20:00* – This show will only be running if there is a giveaway
  • Friday – 22:00** if Giveaway show was not done at 20:00
  • Friday 23:00*** if the 22:00 did not take place
  • Sunday 22:00

Live chat link will be

The times above are UK Times or British standard times (BST)

There always be times where live show had to be set outside these hours so dont forget to subscribe and set notification to on.

Dont forget to subscribe and activate notification for next live chat
here is a guide

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If you want to see the over 50 Episode of the live show then here is the link below


Enjoy the show

Hsham Memar

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