BEST MOVIE APK Tea TV APK Now 7.1 Better then Moviebox and Terranium TV- IPTV Movies TV Shows

Tea TV Version 7 now with Android 4 Support


Tea TV APK Updated 7.1r

Tea TV the best Terrarium TV APK replacement has released another update again with more fixes. After reporting on the last upgrade, TEA had released another update to everyone.

  • More Movies
  • Moves TV Showsx
  • Support for Android 4

Event Better

Movies TV Shows APK  Better

Tea TV can officially be called as better then the flowing Movies and TV Shows APKS

  • Better then Showbox
  • Better then Terranium tv
  • Better then Moviebox 

And with all these constant updates, TEA TV is now the best APK for Movies and TV shows at least

Almost Better IPTV

Tea TV now even Competing with IPTV APK Programs like

  • Modro APK

but still got a long way to be better then those two APK



  • Release notes:

    TeaTV – Version: 7.1r

    • Fix some providers.
    • Fix bugs.

    TeaTV – Version: 7.0r

    • Fix critical bug on Android 4.4 devices.
    • Fix crash after click Play button.
    • Fix more bugs.

    TeaTV – Version: 6.9r

    • New: Add more 720 and 1080 Providers.
    • New: LiveTV out of beta with more channels.
    • New: Add Popular TV Show in Discover.
    • New: Add Notification chanel in Menu.
    • New: Add Brazillian Portuguese Subtitles.
    • New: UI in Details.
    • Fix Arabic Subtitle.
    • Fix Search in FireTV.
    • Fix Bugs.



Do you need VPN?

With constant updates and more links and and easy to use this apk, comes the obvious that there will be monitoring of your Activities.

As seen by Terrarium Developer threats when it came down to it he was willing to give up all the users that he claimed he would help.

Now we are not saying TEA TV developer will do the same, but advise to caution.

English saying comes to mind. Better safe then Sorry.

Get a VPN today and.

The flowing VPNS are great for Streaming

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  2. PureVPN
  3. IVacy vpn
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Strong VPN

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