Best Sports Kodi and IPTV Addons to Install For Streaming

Come learn about and install the best live TV and sports Kodi addons today! We’ve compiled the best list so that you don’t have to!

Free live IPTV that is reliable is often hard to find. Kodi doesn’t host any content so it only knows how to search and grab media from websites on the internet.

Grab the top 10 best IPTV and sports Kodi addons for 2019 as chosen by our followers. Experience the ultimate Kodi experience.

Every day on our home page we have an update about a new Kodi addon or update that’s come out and hit the scene. We keep a watch on the community and know where the quality is. A little bit of light reading and you will have a handle on Kodi’s best sports addons.

But that’s not all.

Install these 10 best sports Kodi addons today for a nice reliable Kodi setup you will enjoy


How to Install These Addons

Installing addons in Kodi is the same basic process over and over again. Simply note the repository address and the repository name from the addon listing below. Then at the bottom, use the step by step instructions to install each addon.

But first..

For maximum success, you are going to want to make sure your Kodi is setup to install third-party addons, which is disabled by default.

From the main menu of Kodi, navigate to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons > Turn On Unknown Sources > Click Yes.

You can now install all of the addons below!

Best Live TV & Sports Kodi Addons: March 2019


The Chronos Kodi addon was initially advertised as a replacement for Made in Canada, an old fan favorite addon for live sports and IPTV on Kodi. The addon has morphed into its own and is a solid source for channels. Amongst the things listed in the addon:

  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • 24/7 Channels
  • Movies
  • Specialty sports

Check out Chronos today if you haven’t yet!.

Chronos Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = Skydarks
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = Skydark’s Repository

13 Clowns


13 Clowns is the perfect combination of a multi-source addon and one of the best addons containing free sources. 13 Clowns is also the home addon for Civitas Scrapers, a community scrapers project that is the next generation of Lambda Scrapers.

A new feature of 13 Clowns is the addition of live IPTV and sports channels in Kodi. This new addition makes 13 Clowns one of the top addons for everything in Kodi and a must for users to try out.

13 Clowns Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = 13Clowns
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = 13 Clowns Repo

Joker Sports

Joker Sports – Joker Sports is a new addon by Maverick, who has some really quality Kodi addons. Joker Sports focuses specifically on, you guessed it, sports.

The addon contains multiple sources of live IPTV and sports related channels pulled from the internet. It also has a sports highlights area and one that contains show and event replays.

So far, Maverick has done a good job updating the addon so that it only contains working content. Per a message at the top of the addon, you may need a VPN in order to use some of the channels within the addon. Some links are geo-blocked in parts of the world (most commonly in the UK) so you will need to connect your VPN to a pro-net neutral company before trying links. Click here to sign up for a VPN today with a free 25% discount.

Joker Sports Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Repository = maverick53
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = Maverick Repository


The cCloud Kodi addon is a long running live IPTV free service. The addon is unique from other live addons because dead links are automatically removed and replaced with working ones when they go down. There is a community behind the scenes checking into broken links and looking for new free sources to add into the addon.

cCloud successfully made it through some legal trouble, where it could prove that it was not hosting any of the content found within the addon (the same way all Kodi addons work). With over 1000 live IPTV channels, cCloud is full of content to check out.

cCloud Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = darknessally
  • Repository Address = Github Link
  • Kodi Repository = cCloud Repo


Deathstar is a new Kodi addon and new addition to our best Kodi addons list. It is a collaboration project from a number of different Kodi groups including DNA, Expose, WOW, and others.

Deathstar brings over 30 individual addons together into a single spot. This means less individual addons and bloat on your system in favour of a one-stop place for all of the content you could want.

No matter what you are looking for, Deathstar probably has it. And that’s the big reason why it finds its spot on our best Kodi addons list.

Deathstar Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = N/A
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = repository.ukodi

Fight Club

Fight Club is a new Kodi addon that offers full replays and live streams in the fighting (boxing, wrestling & MMA) area. This niche is one of the most popular in Kodi and the Fight Club is a solid addon to check out if you are a fan.

The addon has extensive wrestling content, so check out replays for all major shows, promotions and events. During live events, the addon contains live IPTV Kodi links worth checking out.

Fight Club Kodi Information

Maverick TV

Maverick TV is our pick for top playlist Kodi addon this month. A playlist Kodi addon contains specific sections worth of content that is custom curated and maintained by one or more developers.

The reason why Maverick TV is so awesome is that it is such a well organized source for some of the best and most reliable links in Kodi. Inside of Maverick TV are multiple individual sections worth of movie and TV information. The 4K UHD list in the addon is the best in our opinion.

Maverick TV comes with everything from movies and TV to sports, documentaries, stand-up comedy boxsets, 24/7, music and more.

Maverick TV Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = Maverick53
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = Maverick Repository

Selfless Live

At one point, the Selfless Kodi addon was one of the best kept secrets for free IPTV and live sports in Kodi.  While the original repo no longe maintains the addon, it has been forked and revived into its current form.

Selfless Live contains the IPTV channels for some of the most popular free sources on the internet: Mobdro, Swift Streamz, TV Tap, LiveNetTV and more. If you don’t know what those are – don’t worry. Just know that Selfless Live has them all and that they are each individual IPTV lists worth checking out.

Selfless Live Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = N/A
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = Kodi Ghost Repo


The TV One Kodi addon pulls live streams from the TV One website, which is one of the largest free IPTV sources on the internet. Featuring channels in all different genres, TV One has a really nice working selection of streams.

The TV One addon has also shuffled between a few different repositories as of late so if you have an old version you’ll want to follow our install guide link above to grab the latest copy.

TV One Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = N/A
  • Repository Address =
  • Kodi Repository = SkyMashiTV Repo

Zattoo Box

The Zattoo Box Kodi addon mirrors the Zattoo Box service, which is a fully licensed and free live IPTV source. With a free account, you get full access to over 100 UK catchup TV channels such as BBC, iTV, Sky, and more.

Zattoo also comes with some nice features such as 4 parallel streams at one time, PVR replay features and 10 full HD channels to check out. Because the service is licensed, you don’t have to worry about buffering or dropped streams the same way you do with an unofficial source.

Zattoo Box Kodi Information

  • Kodi GitHub Username = N/A
  • Repository Address = Preinstalled with every install of Kodi
  • Kodi Repository = Official Kodi Addon Repository

And with that, we have posted our top 10 best IPTV and sports Kodi addons. These kinds of addons can be volatile at times, but our list above is kept up to date with the latest and best working addons.

What do you think the best IPTV & sports Kodi addon is? Did we miss any of your favourites in the list above? Comment below and let us know what your favourite addon is. We will be watching for addons to add to the list in December.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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