Best Terrarium TV Clone APK for Movies and TV Shows – Cyberflix APK

Best Terrarium TV Clone APK for Movies and TV Shows – Cyberflix APK

After Terrarium tv shutdown everyone was looking for an alternative to watch movies and tv shows online. Many replacements appeared and many came close, Of course, the clones of Terrarium TV took over the show of Terrarium but none was quite got to be the best at it.

Of the many apps that appeared was Terrarium Fork, CyberFlix, Cinema HD, TV Zion and Tea TV.

Not many managed to get the clone part very good however recently major updates has been made to each one of the mentioned APK's that diverted each one of them to a different direction.

The only APK that now 100 % true Likeness or True Fork of the Terrarium TV is Cyberflix APK.

Cyberflix APK

CyberFlix APK is been developed to be 100 % true likeness of Terrarium TV APK.

  • Stream Movies
  • Stream TV Shows
  • Use Real Debrid
  • Use Trak.TV

HD Section

Cyberflix APK contains easy to access HD section to see which movies were just released in HD 720 or HD 1080.


Cyberflix APK can use realdebrid to make streaming much faster.


VPN is always recommended to be used when streaming contents from this APK

Download Links

You can download by clicking this link here

or typing this URL in your device

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