CCLoud updated to 1.4.3


The CCloud addon had updated to 1.4.3

As per below the information from the change log

– Added additional servers for stability
– Dailymotion support removed. The addon is broken and isn't included in standard Kodi distribution anymore.
– Other code changes to fix broken channels Thanks CA
– server change

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  1. Just a lttle suggestion, I’ve been watching your videos for a while but is there anyway you can put the sound of your mic louder? Man, I have to put my volume to max to hear you and god forbids if you play a link…it blast throughout the house! Anyway we’d appreciate if we could hear you louder. Thanks

  2. Is cCloud working now? Mine worked for just a few minutes and then shuts down your wizard. I reinstalled your wizard and the same thing happened. Its only CCloud. You click it and nothing happens.

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