Chrome and Firefox Block Torrent Site YTS over “Phishing”

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Google on a regular basis checks websites for harmful and destructive information to enable individuals steer clear of managing into unsafe predicaments.

This Protected Browsing assistance is utilized by common browsers these as Chrome and Firefox. When a site is flagged, they toss up a warning in advance of individuals attempt to check out dangerous websites.

This is also what is going on to at the minute, which is just one of the most well known torrent sites about. Even though the site’s homepage can be visited just great, navigating to a torrent detail web page throws up the subsequent warning in Chrome.

“Deceptive web page ahead. Attackers on may well trick you into undertaking some thing hazardous like installing software or revealing your private info (for case in point, passwords, cell phone figures, or credit history playing cards).”

YTS phishing warning

Firefox exhibits a comparable inform and also stops people from going instantly to the down load web pages. In each browsers, persons can, nevertheless, settle for the threat and check out the web site they were being hunting for.

It is not crystal clear what the correct issue is but the Chrome warning mentions that YTS was caught phishing. This is also reflected in Google’s Safe Searching report, which states the torrent web page lately tried using to trick site visitors into sharing particular data or downloading software package.

Whether or not any of this is intentional remains a problem. It appears far more possible that the warning was activated by some style of malicious ad.

google says unsafe

Though we do not experience these forms of warnings on pirate sites normally, this is not the first time that we have viewed them. Related issues have impacted other websites, which includes The Pirate Bay. These warnings commonly vanish when the internet site operator can take proper action.

We have checked quite a few other well known pirate internet sites for identical warnings but this certain issue seems to be limited to YTS. The other web sites we looked into were being all documented as clean.

On the other hand, Google has a caveat when it comes to The Pirate Bay. As a substitute of reporting the torrent web-site as harmless or unsafe, Google asks consumers to look at a additional certain URL than the homepage.

“It’s tricky to offer a very simple protection position for internet sites like, which have a lot of information. Sites that are usually risk-free often consist of some unsafe material. For much more detailed security data, check a specific listing or webpage,” Google notes.

While we assume YTS to take care of the matter in owing system, currently being flagged by Google is not without the need of chance. A several a long time ago the Safe Searching group announced that “repeat offenders” will stay flagged for 30 times at the very least, which will severely hurt targeted traffic.

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By David Minister

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