Covid pass unexpected error – is the NHS app down?

Covid pass unexpected error - is the NHS app down?

The NHS app is one of the most important apps for Britons amid the coronavirus pandemic, proving essential for vaccination records and as a record for recent test results. Problems have been reported on the platform, with many users unable to access the Covid pass on the app or website.

The NHS app and website are experiencing issues with users unable to access their Covid passes, NHS Digital has said.

The Covid pass is used by Britons to show proof of their vaccination status, as well as recent test results.

NHS Digital tweeted: “There are currently issues with accessing the Covid Pass on the NHS app and website.

“We are investigating the issue and will update as soon as we can.”

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Covid passes are used across the country when people travel abroad or attend events or visit some venues.

The NHS Covid Pass is available in a digital format for travel or when going to domestic venues and events.

People can also request a paper NHS Covid Pass letter for travel – but this can take longer to organise.

Instead of the normal Covid Pass, users are receiving error messages or a notice saying high traffic volumes are “limiting access to the service”.

Several social media users planning travel today have raised concerns about the outage – asking for advice.

Abigail Herbert tweeted: “I need to download my COVID pass as I am going on holiday tomorrow however I cannot get on the APP because numbers are being limited. What can be done about this?”

Stefan Micallef added: “My 12-year-old disabled daughter who is doubly vaccinated can’t get a Covid travel pass because the system does not allow children of that age to have an account on the App and we as careers who are linked to her NHS records can’t do that on her behalf. Why?”

___ user @goforsimplicity wrote: “I need my covid vaccine pass to travel abroad on Friday but your website keeps saying “unexpected error”. Please, help”.

PCorky tweeted: “EasyJet what's the procedures for flying if the Covid travel pass app is not working?”

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Only the Covid Pass appears to be impacted by the error.

Other elements of the general-purpose NHS app, including subscriptions, appear to be functioning properly.

The vaccine record in the NHS app is separate from the NHS COVID-19 app, which was criticised earlier this year amid the “pingdemic”.

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