Creating M3U for XBMC / KODI


Creating M3U for XBMC / KODI

Most of the time you will want to create m3u files to help with your activities for live tv or IPTV with VLC or some other addon that you might want to try to do.

To create an M3u file you can look at the guides here for a step by step instructions, also added the video guides for Pastbin and Git hub Guides here as well.



Create your Own M3U


Pastbin Guide


Github Guide


KODI Codec


There will always be links that will need a special codec to run in KODI and you will need to update the librtmp file





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  1. Assalam Aleykum Husham.
    Thank you very much for your services and efforts in making this world a better place. You are remarkably outstanding. I am a great fan of yours.
    I got a problem of which I tried solving for a long time but haven’t succeded yet. Am now turning to you for a help.
    How can I watch these live channels from kodi?
    There are about 6 of them please if possible create for me m3u links from them.
    I’lI appreciate.
    God bless you.

  2. Hi,

    I have managed to create a m3u file and add it to kodi and use the TV function, the channels work fine however they reach 16 or 20 seconds and then it stops working. Please help.


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