EE customers can get 50% off their bill but this money-saving deal ends today

EE customers can get 50% off their bill but this money-saving deal ends today

EE might offer some of the best 4G and 5G data speeds in the UK but customers usually pay a high price for the privilege. The network isn't renowned for being cheap but there's currently a way of accessing its mobile service for half the usual price.

Customers, who sign up before June 2, can take advantage of two big SIM-only discounts which include the first four months at a 50 percent discount.

This means you can get 50GB of data plus unlimited calls and texts for just £10 per month with things increasing to £20 after the first 120 days.

There's also a generous 100GB of data for £12.50 per month. This again includes unlimited calls and texts with things increasing to £25 per month after the first four months is up.

The total length of these contracts is 18 months so you'll to make sure you're happy to commit to EE for that long before signing up.

As we mentioned earlier, the deals also end tomorrow at midnight so there's not too long to make your mind up but you can find out more about the offers here.

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News of these deals comes as EE has just announced a new range of SIM plans which include some very useful new features.

Perhaps the best addition is something called Reserve data which should stop customers from ever being left unconnected to the web.

Reserve data, which is free to use, basically kicks in the minute your usual allowance runs out.

EE says that Reserve Data will be fast enough to access apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps and Apple Music, so Smart Plan and Smart SIM customers can stay connected with friends and stream music until next months’ data starts again.

You can of course still buy a data pack if you think you'll need it but these can be expensive and Reserve Data should mean many EE customers simply don't need to spend any extra money.

Another bonus of the new SIM plans is that they include instant access to 5G data speeds allowing users to download files at speeds of over 300Mbps.

Until now, EE has charged a premium if customers wanted to use its 5G network but these latest SIMs come with it included.

EE's Essential and Smart Sim options are available now.

Speaking about the change Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, Consumer, EE said: “We want to provide as many people as possible with access to the faster speeds, greater capacity and improved latency that 5G brings – so we’ve made all our new pay monthly handset plans, as well as our new Smart Sim plans, come with 5G as standard. When combined with inclusive Reserve Data, flexible Swappable Benefits, unlimited data, Service Packs and the option to upgrade anytime, EE’s Smart Plans really do enable customers to get the very most from their smartphone on the UK’s no. 1 mobile network”.

Written by David Minister

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