ETTV Feeds EZTV ‘Fake’ Torrents… ‘Stop Using Our Releases!’

ETTV Feeds EZTV ‘Fake’ Torrents… ‘Stop Taking Our Releases!’

On the net pirates are frequently not recognized to be the most legislation-abiding citizens. Nonetheless, they definitely have their individual established of benchmarks.

Scene teams, for example, have to stick to a strict set of rules which define how they are intended to share their booty.

More down the piracy pyramid, we come across P2P distribution teams. These function out in public, generating confident that scene releases locate their way to the masses on a common plan.

ETTV is 1 of these groups. Specializing in the hottest Tv set information, it uploads dozens of scene releases to general public web pages, such as their own. The group prides itself on its range and speed, a little something appreciated by millions of pirates.

Even though ETTV is functioning regular, the site’s operators have one particular major nuisance. EZTV, just one of their main ‘competitors’, is releasing ‘their’ written content with no permission.

Though the authentic EZTV shut down next a hostile takeover, the individuals who took around are nevertheless serving torrents to thousands and thousands of people each month. And in accordance to ETTV, many of these torrents are sourced from ETTV.

To show their discontent, ETTV recently added a fake torrent to their feed. Specifically, they uploaded a rather explicit grownup film, disguising it as the most up-to-date “Taskmaster” episode.

As can be found under, the title arrives with an supplemental message: “EZTV and TGX cease ridding our releases,” which designed its way on to the EZTV web-site.


The pretend launch has since been eradicated from EZTV’s website but ETTV did not prevent there. Yet another faux launch appeared on Thursday, disguised as a Mr. Mercedes episode.

Nonetheless, as various commenters pointed out, this was anything solely distinctive.

Not Mr. Mercedes

Wanting at the numerous launch feeds, it in truth seems that EZTV, in distinct, is a close to copy of that of ETTV. The major variation is that the torrents show up a handful of minutes later.

TorrentFreak attained out to ETTV, who told us that they determined to take a stand because they are exhausted of EZTV’s antics.

“They are usually working with our content material and we are finding drained of it. If you want to be a distribution team you ought to be obtaining your resource data files privately,” ETTV states.

When ETTV is a bot that operates primarily automatic, this method is undoubtedly not free of charge. The group pays several web-sites which present scene content material, so they can accessibility these files.

Of system, ETTV alone also utilizes the ‘work’ of many others, including scene groups (and movie studios), but it stresses that it’s not okay for 1 public distribution team to blatantly copy from an additional.

“We owe them very little and don’t want anything from them either,” ETTV claims.

“They can engage in the ‘sharing is caring card’ all they want, but only amateurs and freeloading scum assume its ok to operate their websites by [taking content from] other public web-sites.”

The other group that was called out in the pretend launch is TGX. Nevertheless, as significantly as we’ve witnessed these bogus releases have been not republished with their tag. TGX did use torrents from ETTV’s feed before.

No matter whether EZTV will be bothered by the accusations is uncertain. The group does not have the finest name after the hostile takeover of the original EZTV, and copying YIFY and ExtraTorrent, but most of their people don’t seem to care.

This is not the 1st time a ‘fake’ torrent has built its way on to EZTV’s internet site. A few weeks ago we already noted on a comparable incident, which ETTV experienced practically nothing to do with.

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Written by David Minister

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