Even more free Netflix, Prime Video, and Sky TV streams have been blocked

Even more free Netflix, Prime Video, and Sky TV streams have been blocked


Anyone that watches illegal and free streams of Netflix, Prime Video and Sky TV content could soon have their options severely limited. Over Christmas the Motion Picture Association (MPA), whose members include high-profile Hollywood names such as Disney and Netflix, along with its anti-piracy partner the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), fixed dozens of streaming sites in its crosshairs. These 25 websites – which could soon get banned – offer access to Hollywood films such as Tenet, Godzilla vs Kong, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and Joker – with these movies available to watch in the UK on either Sky TV, Prime Video and the contract-free NOW service.

The MPA and ACE are also going after five IPTV providers which offer access to films such as Soul (available with Disney Plus), Extraction (a Netflix Original) and Fast & Furious 9.

IPTV stands for internet protocol television, and as the name suggests this is a television service delivered over an internet connection. The most famous example of an IPTV service in the UK is NOW, which was formerly known as NOW TV. But while NOW is a legitimate service, there are plenty of IPTV services out there which are run illegally by third-parties.

These illicit services illegally bundle together plenty of paid-for content (such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Sky TV subscriptions) and offer it as a low-cost that's far cheaper than paying for it legally.

As TorrentFreak reported, the MPA and ACE have begun going after these pirate services by sending out subpoenas to hosting platforms like Cloudflare.

These are used to obtain contact information for internet pirates, which in many cases is the first step in getting a site or service banned.

A cease and desist will be sent out to the offending party, and – if that doesn't lead to a site being shut down – then legal action could take place.

Subpoenas that were sent out around Christmas time said: “[Y]ou are required to disclose to the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (on behalf of the ACE Members) information sufficient to identify the infringers. This would include the individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account history”.

Five domains linked to IPTV services have been targeted by the MPA and ACE with its latest wave of action – hypersonic-tv.com, apollogroup.tv, Beastiptv.us and Topdhosting.com.

Netflix hit Extraction is included in the Beastiptv.us library, while Soul and Fast & Furious 9 is available with apollogroup.tv.

While in terms of streaming sites, over two dozen piracy websites that offer streams for Godzilla vs Kong, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Tenet, Joker and The Flash among other have also been targeted by the ACE and MPA.

These websites are: tvhai.org, motchill.net, watchsomuch.org, flixtor.to, noonoo1.tv, afdah.video, ilgeniodellostreaming.re, ilgeniodellostreaming.si, ilgeniodellostreaming.cat, ilgeniodellostreaming.moe, ilgeniodellostreaming.mba, igds.se, seriesonlineweb.com, pobreflix.online, superflix.plus, torrentdosfilmeshd2.net, seriesflix2.com, cooz.co, assistironline.net, comoeubaixo.com, megaseriesonline.org, amazflixhd.com, temseries.online, filmesonlinehd1.org, pianku.li.

The ACE and MPA have already been involved in getting hundreds of piracy sites blocked, and it looks like it could be soon adding to its collection of scalps – thanks to its ongoing efforts.

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