Fight Pass, Kodi & VPN Options

Fight Pass, Kodi & VPN Options

Fight fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to watching the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) via the web. From paid, legal methods to slightly less wholesome options, there is always a way to watch UFC online and not have to go through the usual channels (pun intended) of ESPN in the U.S. or KIJK in France.

That said, we’re not going to outright tell you to pirate anything, it is illegal after all and, let’s be honest, an organization as big as the UFC doesn’t run on puppy dreams and unicorn farts, either. You’re better off with going with a paid option, if only just to make sure you don’t spoil your own karma.

That said, we’re not gonna judge people for torrenting, either, so there you go: it’s all up to you — just make sure you’re hooked up to one of our best VPN providers.

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No matter if you’re a fan of the UFC looking to watch games more regularly or a veteran pirate that has had their regular site shut down in a copyright sweep, we have a way for you to sate your bloodlust. Let’s take a look, shall we?

How to Watch UFC: Fight Pass

The official website of the UFC — — is where you’ll find all the fights, plus interviews, plus background pieces, plus a whole host of other goodies any fight fan will ever want. Though not cheap, the UFC charges less than the NBA (see our guide to watching NBA games online) or NFL do, asking for just $8 per month on an annual plan.

The price goes up by two dollars per month if you opt for a monthly plan, which is still fairly decent. The Fight Pass comes with a free seven-day trial, which should be enough time for you to decide whether or not it works for you.

If it doesn’t but you still want to watch the occasional fight, you can opt for pay-per-view, which is $8 per match. That’s likely a few bucks more than a beer in your nearest bar, so you may want to go that route, instead.

Sorrowfully enough, that’s it for the legal, paid options: the UFC has a stranglehold on its fights, offering nothing for cord cutters. There are a few cable packages that offer UFC matches, but those are too numerous for us to list here. A few cable alternatives offer UFC matches under a pay-per-view system, which involves coughing up a serious fee for each game.

Watch UFC Online: Free

Thing with MMA is, some of the headline fights last under 40 seconds, making you wonder whether it’s worth the investment of paying a one-time fee or even a subscription. Especially if watching the fights at a bar isn’t your thing, it could simply make more sense for you to stream or torrent UFC fights. Let’s take a look at some of your best options.

Streaming Sites

If you’ve spent any time on the internet at all before reading this article you’ve probably been on a streaming site or two, including all the nasty malware traps and cascading pop-ups they feature. Here at, we much prefer other pirate ships than this one, but more on that below.

Streaming UFC is best done through two sites we’ve found, though both seem a bit unsafe. As privacy advocates (we have an online privacy guide and everything) we have our browsers loaded up with spyware trackers and blockers: our dashboards lit up like Christmas trees when accessing either or

Both offer decent archives and plenty of promises of upcoming matches. The quality of the videos seems to be okay, occasionally straying to “good,” though maybe tweaking and twiddling some setting will help with that. Both sites are pop-up central, though, so be warned when entering (or engage some of our best pop-up blockers).

Watch UFC via Taxes

Much better to use Kodi for all your MMA needs. There are several add-ons that will let you watch either live fights, archived ones or both, including an unofficial add-on that feels like an official one which only allows access to Fight Pass subscribers. Unsurprisingly it’s called UFC Fight Pass and can be found via the Portse repo, which in turn is found via Github.

Another big favorite is one of the best Kodi add-ons for sports out there, Bennu. It will allow you to watch pretty much all matches live, with a limited archive, to boot. The problem is mostly that you’ll have to work your way through a ton of dead links as well as other content that may not appeal to you, you want to watch people beat each other up, not the women’s curling.

A better option may be to install Planet MMA. Some may still know it as UFC Finest, but it underwent a name change some time ago. Its goal is to be a one-stop shop for everything UFC and MMA and it succeeds admirably. Though a bit tricky to install as it moves around among the best Kodi repositories, it may be the best bet for fight fans thanks to its massive archive and live bloodlettings.

Torrenting UFC Fights

The last option is to torrent fights or to go into the dark dungeons of Usenet in search of them. MMA being as big as it is, there are several torrent sites that are dedicated to putting up fights, we’ve found this forum to be particularly helpful in finding different torrents.

Actually going onto an alternative torrent site to The Pirate Bay and using search often turns up goose egg most of the time, so using forums seems the way to go, here, just make sure you use one of our best VPN for torrenting picks before you go.


And there you have it, several ways to watch UFC online in varying orders of difficulty and annoyance. Though finding a match isn’t hard, it will either hurt your morals or your wallet, it’s up to you which pain you can live with best.

Do you regularly watch MMA events online? Have any thoughts on what we’ve talked about here? We’d love to hear from you, leave your comments in the field below. Thank you for reading.

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