Fire Anime 2.9.7 APK for Android TV’s, Fire Sticks, NVIDIA APK EMULATORS

Fire Anime APK Firestick Android Anime Movies

Fire Anime 2.9.7 APK for Android TV’s, Fire Sticks, NVIDIA APK EMULATORS

An Android App That Lets You Stream Anime On All Devices

FireAnime APK

This app has been specifically designed for Android TV’s and Fire Sticks but will work on All devices

Realdebrid Also works with FireAnime so you can enjoy hight Quality Contents

Change LogsFire Anime

  • Disabled AdBlocker for this app to workFire Anime APK

Update Log Version 2.9.7 (New)

[NEW Hotfix 2.9.7]

Update Log Version 2.9.7 (New)

  • Fixed an issue with random backgrounds

  • Added an option to disable hot-anime (Visit The Settings Page)

  • Fixed Otakustream

  • Fixed Animepahe images not loading at the Start

  • Fixed AnimePahe Watchlist Bug

  • Fixed A Bug that would crash when using a Tablet

  • Added more links to OtakuStream (vidlox,Verystream)

  • Removed AnimeFrenzy since they downgraded there streaming links

  • If you press right on the Dpad it will skip 20 episodes (Great for One Piece episodes)

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

Download Link

FireAnime Application Images

FireAnime APK
work on firestick and all android devices
  • This Application is Free and 100% Ad Free

  • The main UI page is Regularly updated with the Latest anime

  • Added a Watch list to allow you to save anime

  • Added a search page that allows you to search anime

  • Added multiple servers that you can use to stream anime

  • Added a view all anime page that allows you to find new anime to watch

  • Added an episode page that updates every time you finish an episode and tells you which episodes you have watched

  • Added the ability to use external players such as Mx Player, VlcPlayer and any other player you have installed

  • You need at least Android 5.0

Download FireAnime APK

You can download FireAnime by clicking here or use the URL link  below

Download link to be –


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