Free Live TV IPTV with OLA TV APK ( Look at Update info )



Free Live TV IPTV with OLA TV APK


Over 10000 IPTV Channels

OLA TV is an APK that contains multiple free IPTV Links gatherd from the web by its creator IPTV Droid. At the moment of writn I stopped counting channel listing after reaching 8000, technically the APK might have more then 12000 channels from around the world.



Watching Channels from around the world for free using your own computer or your Smart Phone is fantastic feeling. For Android Users it is simple to download the APK from the download link below and watch any one of these channels, for Windows users you will need an Android Emulator to install the APK.

Windows users can either use BlueStack or NOX Android Emulator.


Some Channels pictures below, I couldnt take all the channels pictures.



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  • Channels doesnt work error, Always try another channel categories there is many channels doubled.  You can try the search
  • Channels wont load may well be due to your internet provider blocking it so setup a good vpn that will bypass your internet provider.
  • POP UP that is annoying is showing on OLA TV and there is no way to get rid it of it. So the only option it to uninstall and install again- use the download link below


  1. OLA TV has been updated to version 2.2.
  2. OLA TV has been updated to Version 2.3
  3. 28/07/2018 – OLA TV has been updated to Version 2.4
  4. 17/08/2018 OLA TV has been updated to Version 2.5
    1. 23/08/2018 – Possible no more updates on OLA TV – Despite many requests and mentioning on my YouTube videos and articles on the – users always enabling the AD-BLOCKER on the APK, IPTV Droid has decided to Remove ADS from OLA TV and no longer updates OLA TV. 
  5. ADS removed now from OLA TV, no more updates on the APK until further notice. No further communication from the developer. However the APK most of the links still working
  6. OLA TV continues to be updated and more channels added and updated
  7. OLA TV updated to 2.6 20/09/2018 
    1. Confirmed no more ads, developers asks for donation to keep OLA going
  8. OLA TV 2.7 RELEASED 29/09/2018
  9. OLA TV 2.8 Released 03/11/2018

To installs updates you will need to uninstall current installed version and install again from the relevant links below

Download OLA TV APK

Get all the free IPTV you want right now with multiple channel list and fantastic work by IPTV Droid that gave us a fantastic work.

Android file for

Download by Clicking  Here

Firestick / FireTV Download link using Downloaded

Using Downloader app (as shown from the image above) from the Firestick or FIRE TV app store, enter the link below

This page was last updated Last updated: November 3, 2018 at 4:09 am


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  1. help! When I click the link to D/L the Ola 2:3 update, it sends me to “File Dropper,” whatever that is? Please advise. No change when refreshing your website. Thanks!

      • OK. Thanks Husham! I will try it again. I didn’t see any reference to you or OLA TV, at the file dropper page, so I didn’t go further. Now that I know that, I’ll go ahead. Appreciate all you do for us! Marc

      • Thanks again, Husham! It works beautifully! I added OLA TV to my new Android box and am lovin’ it! You rock!

  2. Thanks again, Husham! It works beautifully! I added OLA TV to my new Android box and am lovin’ it! You rock!

  3. Hello Husham i currently use kodi on my firestick. I want to download this OLA 2.4 apk is there a link i can type in on downloader to download this OLA v.24?? Please help any reply qould be great thank you so much i love your videos!!! Thanks Rob

      • Hiya! The pop-up I ran into was when I tried the IPTVDroid website, not yours. Sorry, my bad. Weird because it appeared in 3 different browsers ( Chrome, Firefox & Bear) on my Android box. No pop-up in Chrome on my Android phone. Anyway, I found a work around finally & have 2.5 now. Thanks again, Hudham, for your help! You’re the best! 👍😋

    • press back again
      but i recommend uninstall and reinstall the 2.5 and see if there is a different
      personally speaking there is adverts so not sure where it will divert you
      most of the time i just press BACK button

  4. I can not use Ola tv, because I have an ad blocker installed for other apps I use on my Firetv. Is there a way to use Ola tv without uninstalling my ad blockers. I absolutely need the ad blockers for the other programs.

    • I cant answer that. stopping the ad blocker will help the developer
      helping the developer will make sure we get updates and links always working

      keeping the adblocker will only make the developer ignore this program and stop helping everyone ….
      so answering your question
      I Do not recommend adding an ad blcoker and removing the adblocker on firestick is better

  5. I read your comment about ola no longer receiving updates. I’m just verifying that this is in fact, the end of the road for Ola. I’m getting a pop up saying “Down for Maintenance” I tried reinstalling and I can’t find a link that leads to an apk on the iptv droid website. Thanks!

  6. Very good jop with the greek server bat there is a proplem,after some seconds it sticks.Maybe you should change the player?If its not posible can you please send me the greek list to see if i can do something and see how its works?

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