Frustrated Message to the public

tvzion message
TVZion Developer Send our a frustration message to the public as he is been attacked by ADMIN on the social Network

Frustrated Message to the public

As most of you know that developing apps, takes a long time and effort.

Most applications take a long time to be made and be available to the public. Examples like Cinema APK, Coto Movies or TVZion APK.


Some developers always get insulated for their fine work, Despite what they do for the public for free and for good work they always do put it.

It is true most of them add ADS in the APK to get support for their Application but this is the case also with LIVE TV and with The News Television and the Free to AIR Digital TV or Radio.

ADS has been apart of our lives for such a long time to support the ever day projects.

The frustration becomes so obvious when a developer makes a program to support his app with community support donations and/or ads or special privilege access.

The Incident

tvzion message
TVZion Developer Send our a frustration message to the public as he is been attacked by ADMIN on the social network

In the cases of TVZion the Dev, the developers have been working for a very long time and working day and night to support the platform that TVZion supported and also try to get support from ADS or the special access of the ZION CLUB Membership.

The continues development of TVZion has led for the APK to be the best and one of the few named APKs to have Alph and Beta Updates every month and continues updates with continues Changes.

However, the incident recently took on the public platform when someone breaks the code and removes the ads and states that he is releasing a MOD version or modified version of TVZION



The message is clear from Peter Burges that he uploading the MOD version in a social community that he is an ADMIN of and sent the message  “Because I love fiving these Jokers A f**k u….”

Respond Message

TVZion dev responded the message from Peter Bures with the following message below

For as long as I have been here, I have learnt to see the bright side of things.

For now the server is stable, and the mods don't have Debrid suit or ZionClub links anyways, so I'd rather spend time developing features than working on breaking mods. And this is basically free promotion anyways. Let them post it share it and if even one person thinks hey this is a really cool app and I wouldn't mind subscribing, in the end, everyone wins here.

The message from TVZion APK seems clear that he is not happy and hurt but he is continuing with the program.

I can tell you that I am a TVZion Club user so I can't be a judge on this because it might look onesided and people might think I am taken sides here, so I have to leave judgment to you the readers to speak out how you feel about all of this situation.

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts about this.

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  1. I recently paid for a tvzion club membership and so far I have enjoydd using the app. The developer deserves a reward for time and effort invested. However I learned of TV zion from a modded last year so perhaps it is like the developer says, free publicity!

  2. Hey Husham its Rob hello! I am a TVZion club member and I HATE THESE PEOPLE THAT MESS WITH THIS DEVELOPERS WORK!!!! He is a GREAT PERSON and I always reccomend everyone to subscribe to the Zion club as it’s so CHEAP and I love supporting the developers that spend so much time for us end users!!! These other clowns🤡 need to make there own APK’s and leave these people alone as if we didnt have developer’s like them that do the work for FREE we wouldn’t have such a GREAT community!! I’m really P!$$*D OFF about this!!! I wish I could get in touch with them and let them know. As a matter of fact I would say screw it now ONLY PPL THAT SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME MEMBERS CAN USE IT!!!! Please don’t take this personally Husham I’m just really TICKED off at this moment!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Everyone needs to start PLAYING NICE AND GETTING ALONG! OR SOONER THEN LATER WE WONT HAVE ANY FREE SERVICES!! So please anyone that reads this please subscribe ou it’s worth the money for the year as it’s less than a small cup of coffee for the YEAR!!!! SUBSCRIBE AND SUPPORT THIS DEVLOPER!!! Thank you

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