This application is a mobile TV client for customers who have subscribed to GIB IPTV. To use the application, you must be an active participant registered on the TV platform. Check with your provider to see if the GIB IPTV brand is supported.
To create a mobile TV client access follow the instructions on your GIB IPTV box under MENU> SETTINGS> PAIRING PIN.
The application offers qualified users the opportunity to use the IPTV offer from their IPTV box on a mobile device anywhere in Switzerland, where an Internet connection (at least 2-3 Mbit / s) is available. In addition, it is possible to create and customize program lists and schedule recordings that are viewed either on the TV at home or on mobile devices. As with the IPTV box, live TV, pause button, or watch-from-start are also supported in this application.

By GIB-Solutions AG

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  • Accessibility - /10
  • Usability - /10
  • HD Quality streaming - /10
  • Application support - /10
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  1. Why are you such a whore? You promote anything and everything whether its quality or shit. How can anyone trust you ever to give a legit review of anything? You are hurting the IPTV community by constantly whoring yourself to any service or app that will give you a buck. JUST STOP IT and find some other way to make money.

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