GOOSE VPN Review 2018: Affordable VPN For Everyone

Here’s our review of Goose VPN, which claims to be one of the best VPN options out there. The software is offered by a Netherlands based company. The tool comes with a trial period, during which you can use it for free. Goose VPN is known most for its responsive customer support. If you are a frequent traveler, you will enjoy the freedom that comes with Goose VPN. Is this the right VPN for you? Read on!

A VPN, as you might be aware, allows one to set up a private network on a public connection such as a WiFi or a public hotspot. This is a great way to stay secure online, especially when you suspect the connection to be insecure. WiFi networks at hotels, airports, and offices are particularly good candidates. You wouldn’t want your sensitive data in the hands of cybercriminals. Better use a VPN!

People usually consider the “https” text and the lock icon, which are believed to afford protection against hackers, but it is important to note that hackers can easily crack SSL encryption, which is commonly used by some very popular web pages. Using the internet on an insecure connection leaves your passwords and credit card information susceptible.

Goose VPN aims to secure your unsecured shared or public WiFi networks. The software works by redirecting all your data through a heavily encrypted tunnel, which protects data leakage and identification of your real geo-location, lending you a virtual IP address. The tool indeed is a fast performer and is very affordably priced, which sets it apart from others in the marketplace. Goose VPN also features useful functions including kill switch, which are useful to have. Another great feature is the zero-logs policy, which allows the tool to function without gathering user data containing personally identifiable information.



Prominent Features Cloaks user IP address; Very Easy to use; Responsive customer support; Multi-OS platform support
Number of Servers 114 + servers around the globe
Logging Policy Does not maintain log files
Encryption Standards OpenVPN encryption with AES-256
Privacy Provides DNS Leak Protection; Zero-log policy
Speed 5.88 Mbps Download speed baseline, 3.67 Mbps Non-US Server (Australia), 2.33 Mbps US Server
Device Support Windows, Mac, Linux iOS, Android, Android TV, Routers, Chrome, Kodi
Number of Devices Unlimited simultaneous connections
Price $12.99 (1 Month) | $4.99 per month (1 Year)
Our Score 8.4/10
Visit Goose VPN website

One of the most common reasons people choose VPNs is not to stay secure online but to access geo-restricted content, such as original Netflix US series from outside the US. Content from streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu is commonly not available for streaming from everywhere. We tested Goose VPN for use with Netflix and the following table summarizes the results of. the tests. We noted that the tool performs well in this particular area when compared to other VPN tools. Hence, the software provides a great experience when it comes to unblocking Netflix and Hulu content- make sure you choose a US streaming server.

Streaming Service Result
Netflix YES – Works with some servers
Hulu YES – Works with some servers
Kodi YES

With Kodi, you have nothing to unblock of course. However, having a VPN such as Goose VPN in place ensures that your device does not leak any data to the ISP.

The following table lists the basic pros and cons of this tool, which will help you decide if this indeed is the perfect VPN for you.

Criteria GOOSE VPN
  • Powerful encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Log free policy
  • Fast performance
  • High-quality and responsive customer support
  • P2P support
  • Lacks many advanced features
  • Lacks deep levels of customization

The above is a basic overview of Goose VPN. The following is an in-depth review of Goose VPN, which is based on our extensive tests of this software.


Goose VPN is one of the most popular VPN tools in use today. In order to help you decide if this is the right fit for your devices, we present a detailed review of the software below, which spans various aspects from supported devices and OS platforms, installation, ease of use, speed, privacy and security features, pricing, and finally customer support. We tested v4.0.2(46) of this tool on Windows 10.

Supported Devices

GOOSE VPN Supported Devices

Goose VPN supports multiple OS platforms. You’ll certainly find a version for your device. Our Score: 9/10.

Few VPN tools are as versatile as Goose VPN when it comes to support for OS platforms. Goose VPN supports multiple OS systems, such as Windows, macOS, and even Linux. This is a great thing indeed, for, few VPNs support Linux despite the popularity of this OS. You could install it on your iOS, Android or Android TV. There are versions for routers and Chrome as well.

Goose VPN can be run on any number of devices without any restrictions whatsoever, except for bandwidth limits, which can be removed with certain plans.

Here is a quick list of the supported OS/devices:

  • OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
  • Browsers: Chrome
  • Network devices/Others: versions for routers available

Installation & Setup

GOOSE VPN Homepage

Goose VPN is easily installed on your favorite OS in a few minutes at the most. The process is very simple and easy to follow for beginners. Our Score: 10/10.

Let’s check the installation process. First, proceed to the official GOOSE VPN website and click on ‘download’ to download the installer file. The download process should only take a few seconds.

GOOSE VPN Install1

Double-click the installer file to begin installation. You will see the screen above. A VPN installation wizard would open on the screen. Click the “Next” button to proceed further.

GOOSE VPN Install2

You will note that downloading begins. Once this is complete, you’ll see the screen below. Check the box if you wish to run Goose VPN immediately after installation.

GOOSE VPN Install3

After the completion of the downloading process, the set up can be finished by clicking on the “Finish” button.

GOOSE VPN Install4

After finishing the download process, you’ll see the screen above. This serves to familiarize users with the use of the tool. Press the button “Next” to open the VPN dashboard and skip the tour of the interface. Easy, isn’t it? It’s that simple to install Goose VPN on your system really.

Prominent Features

GOOSE VPN Features

Goose VPN has several important features that enhance security and privacy for the user. Do not expect the extraordinary, though! Our Score: 7/10.

Goose VPN has all basic features you would come to expect of a VPN. However, the software lacks several features many seasoned users would find useful.

The tool functions by helping you create a secure VPN account, which provides a safe online experience. The software is easy to use, especially for beginners. In fact, Goose VPN has been awarded a gold medal for its easy to use UI. We must say, Goose VPN is a well-designed and engineered tool that is compact and allows you to navigate through in a smart fashion.

Software configuration and set up are very simple. The tool helps the user stay anonymous online by cloaking their real IP address.

Goose VPN supports P2P traffic so you can use torrents without a problem. Friendly support is another important feature the tool boasts of on its website.

The software also features a Kill Switch functionality, which is a core component of many VPN software. A kill switch is essential for keeping your data and identity secure online. Often, if the VPN connection fails in the midst of a connection, the apps and websites on the device might end up transmitting data with no VPN protection. Having a Kill Switch, however, ensures that no transmissions occur when the VPN connection fails, keeping your data and identity truly secure. This is a really important feature, which is often absent in many VPN software. Goose VPN however, features this functionality.

Ease of Use

GOOSE VPN Dashboard

Goose VPN is easy to use and takes seconds to get acquainted with. Our Score: 10/10.

Goose VPN features an easy to use UI, which takes only a few moments getting used to. The software interface is cleanly laid out and is easy on the eyes.

GOOSE VPN Dashboard Servers

Changing servers is as easy as choosing the intended server from the dropdown box. We highly recommend giving careful thought to the choice of the server for this is one of the most important things that determine the performance of the network. We recommend using several servers to see which one performs the best in most situations.

GOOSE VPN Dashboard Settings

It is possible to fine-tune the controls of the software through the Settings section. It is here that you can configure the tool to begin functioning at startup.

GOOSE VPN Dashboard Connection Settings

In the connection tab, you will be able to configure the behavior of the kill switch, which is a great tool that automatically cuts off internet connectivity when the VPN is not available. This helps prevent accidental data leakage.

GOOSE VPN Dashboard Protocol Settings

The protocol section is where you will be able to choose the VPN protocol. We recommend leaving it selected at automatic, in which case you allow the tool to choose the best VPN protocol for you. You could also choose OpenVPN, which is one of the most secure VPN protocols out there.

Server Locations


Goose VPN has 114+ servers all over the world. Our Score: 7/10.

When it comes to the server network, Goose VPN has nearly 114+ servers located all across the world. This is quite small when compared to the networks of some other VPNs, which often offer thousands of servers to choose from. However, it is also important to note that it is far more important to have well-optimized servers over having multiple ill-optimized ones.

The choice of server is also an important one, for, this is the single most important factor which affects the speed of the network.

It is also imperative to consider the jurisdiction- the location the company is based in. Goose VPN is based in the Netherlands, which is a comparatively privacy-friendly company. The country is one of the favorites of many companies, which are based at the place owing to its privacy-friendly practices.


Image result for speed internet

Goose VPN performs well in speed tests. Our Score: 9/10.

Speed tests are some of the most popular ways to compare and contrast VPN software. In as much as we all like speed tests, it is also important to note that speed tests are only reflective of the prevailing network conditions, which keep fluctuating. It is thus crucial to consider speed tests in this regard.

Let’s begin our speed tests with a baseline test to establish a reference speed level.

GOOSE VPN Speed Test Baseline
GOOSE VPN Speed Test Baseline

As you can see, Goose VPN is struggling with the network speed at the moment. It will be interesting to see how the tool performs under such conditions. Let’s see the speed test results when using a non-US server.

GOOSE VPN Speed Test Non US Server (Australia)
GOOSE VPN Speed Test Non US Server (Australia)

The speed has reduced a little as is expected but not so much. We’ve seen VPNs that perform worse. Let’s see now tune into a US server and see the speed test results once again.

GOOSE VPN Speed Test US Server
GOOSE VPN Speed Test US Server

The speed has fallen more. It is clear how the choice of the server has an important bearing on the network speed.

Let’s summarize the speed test results:

  • Baseline Tests

Ping: 174 ms
Download: 5.88 Mbps
Upload: 0.75 Mbps

  • US Server Tests

Ping: 384 ms
Download: 3.67 Mbps
Upload: 0.66 Mbps

  • Australia Server Tests

Ping: 457 Mbps
Download: 2.33 Mbps
Upload: 1.32 Mbps

Security & Privacy

GOOSE VPN Privacy and Security

Goose VPN has a number of interesting security and privacy features but they are all common. Our Score: 7/10.

If you are expecting the most common VPN features, Goose VPN won’t disappoint you. The tool has a number of security and privacy oriented features, which are all easy to use. Let’s see the encryption, logging, and DNS leakage prevention mechanisms of the tool in detail in this section.


Goose VPN supports OpenVPN protocol with AES-256 encryption. This is the industry standard, considered amongst the strongest protocols available today.


GOOSE VPN Privacy Policy

Goose VPN a strict no logs policy, which means it keeps no logs of user activity. The tool does log your IP the first time you sign up though.

DNS Leaks

DNS leaks are becoming increasingly common amidst software, which can inadvertently leak the user’s IP address. Let’s see if GOOSE VPN leaks user DNS information by checking if our IP can be tracked by a third-party.


As you can see, Goose VPN is doing a phenomenal job at cloaking your IP address and passes the DNS leak test.

Customer Service

GOOSE VPN Customer Support

Any software is known by the quality of its customer service. Expect rapid turnaround times with Goose VPN. Our Score: 10/10.

Goose VPN provides for an online live chat support option. You can directly reach out to the support team and seek answers to your queries. We tested the response times and immediately got revert to our queries.

GOOSE VPN Customer Support Response


GOOSE VPN Homepage

Goose VPN has a number of pricing plans to choose from. Our Score: 7/10.

Pricing plans on offer are other important considerations that come into play when choosing the ideal VPN. Let’s examine the pricing plans Goose VPN offers.

  • The unlimited monthly plan costs $12.99 per month
  • The 50 GB monthly plan costs $2.99 per month
  • The unlimited 1-year plan costs $4.99 per month

Goose VPN is clearly highly affordable with the monthly plan costing just $2.99 per month. This plan comes with a bandwidth limit of 50 GB though, which is sufficient for most purposes. If you need to use more data, you can purchase the unlimited plan, which costs more but offers unlimited bandwidth.

The yearly plan is much cheaper but we highly recommend choosing a monthly plan, for, VPNs operate in a highly sensitive space where conditions keep changing. A functioning VPN, might, for instance, stop functioning the very next day after successfully unblocking content on streaming services for quite some time.

Final Verdict

We recommend Goose VPN to all those looking forward out for an easy to use VPN that is easily installed on any OS platform. The tool performs moderately well in our speed tests too. There are no DNS leaks and no logging of user data. Best of all, the software is highly affordable unlike most other VPN, which are often exorbitantly priced, making them out of the reach of most of the internet users who would like to benefit from the security of using a VPN.

Who Should You Use This VPN? Those seeking an easy to use VPN, which features all basic VPN functionality with strong privacy and security features. Features kill switch and has zero-logging policy.

Who Should Not Use This VPN? Those looking out for an advanced VPN with a number of additional features might be disappointed.

  • PROS: Fast performer; Easy to use; Affordable; Responsive customer support; Available for a number of OS platforms
  • CONS: Lacks some advanced features; Lacks deep levels of customization
  • Final Score: 8.4 out of 10!

Buy Goose VPN

GOOSE VPN Homepage

Goose VPN is a great software. If you’ve made up your mind to purchase the tool, head to the official Goose VPN website to purchase a plan today.

Final Thoughts

Goose VPN is a great tool for those looking out for an easy to use VPN that has all it takes to emerge as a superstar. The software, to begin, is easy to install and takes minutes to get up and running. You’ll find the interface easy to navigate around without a problem.

The software is a fast performer and does not slow down your network much. The company is based in the Netherlands, which is a great choice of jurisdiction indeed with privacy-friendly policies.

The software does not log your session data as many other VPNs do, which guarantees privacy in a real sense. The tool is very affordable indeed. The best thing is: the software is available for download on a number of different OS platforms. No matter what smart device you use, you are sure to find a version for your specific device.

With this, we complete our review of Goose VPN, which is based on our extensive tests on this tool. We hope you found it useful and that it will help you decide if this, indeed, is the right VPN for your devices.

Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any queries. Please also share this article with friends and family in your social circles.

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