Hackers May Leak Helix IPTV Users’ & Owner Details

Hackers May Expose Helix IPTV Users

Hackers May Expose Helix IPTV Users' & Owner DetailsA person claiming to be a hacker allegedly posted a message on the website of Helix Hosting IPTV. The message was posted on the homepage and said that the IPTV service provider failed to pay the ransom money and hence the hacker would expose the user data as well as the details of the resellers, name, address, and phone number of the owner.

Helix IPTV is one of the most popular third-party IPTV service providers. It offers access to cable TV channels, as well as VOD and PPV content at a reduced price.

There have been crackdowns on IPTV services by the authorities lately. However, this look likes a one-of-a-kind case where the service has been hacked and asked to pay a ransom amount to avoid getting their user, owner and resellers’ data leaked.

The message on the Helix Hosting’s website is quite clear. It says that the service provider has failed to pay the ransom and now the customer details will be leaked. The message also implies that Helix IPTV did not pay a small amount that could have protected its customers’ data.

The message also threatens to expose one of the owners including their name, phone number, address, and even the IP address.

helix iptv ransomware message

The above threatening message was posted on the homepage of the website. The other sections/pages of the site continued to function normally. Helix IPTV staff was quick to remove the message, but after a while, it reappeared. Now the site is offline, we are not sure it is the doing of the hacker or the owner.

We don’t know how this will eventually pan out. Whether Helix pays the ransom or not, one thing is quite clear. Your personal information is not safe with such IPTV providers.

One of the biggest benefits of using third-party IPTV services is that it saves you a great deal of money. But, there is plenty of risks involved too.

At Husham.com, we have always advised our readers to stream only the content that is available in the public domain. We discourage our readers from violating any copyright laws. Though, we have also been a strong advocate of your rights to privacy. Therefore, we recommend that you use a good VPN while watching your favorite TV channels, movies, shows, etc.

The deadline to pay the ransom is 23:00 hours. However, the message does not specify the date or time zone. It is not sure whether the data has already been leaked, won’t be leaked at all, or is about to be leaked.



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Written by David Minister
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