“HideMyAss” VPN Promises to No Longer Log Identifying User Data

Hide My Ass

  • “HideMyAss” say they will not retail store consumer IP addresses or searching details on their programs anymore.
  • The VPN provider lacked severely in this region, so it had to do anything drastic about it.
  • Some knowledge will nevertheless be logged, but they will not be of a form that can be applied to determine you.

When we reviewed the “HideMyAss” VPN about a year back, we realized that this was a merchandise with heaps of possible but with extremely vital privacy-associated negatives. It didn’t score well on the parts of user facts collection, privacy security, jurisdiction insurance policies, and also on reputation. While it was doing perfectly, it experienced an uncomplicated to use UI and lots of configuration choices, we just couldn’t recommend utilizing it. Currently, HideMyAss has announced that they are addressing the privacy challenges they had, declaring that they are no more time a data-logging VPN.

Extra exclusively, HMA will no for a longer period track user IP addresses, world wide web browsing exercise, and DNS queries. Their privacy plan has been current accordingly, so users should experience much less anxious about owning their identities exposed when making use of HMA VPN. The company sees this transfer as a stride of development in their commitment to preserving their users’ privacy – and rightfully so. On the other hand, you ought to not believe that HideMyAs is no extended storing everything about you in anyway – it’s just that they won’t collect details that can be made use of to recognize you.

Matters like the dates and moments of connecting to an HMA server, the subnet of your IP address, or how a great deal details comes and goes by means of your relationship will nevertheless be collected. These could end result in the revelation of your geographic area, but not your correct site. HMA states the motive why they nevertheless need to maintain and evaluate this knowledge is to hold their support loads balanced and their speeds up to par. If factors are still left wholly unregulated, some servers will get overcrowded, and a lot of consumers will sooner or later knowledge crawling network speeds. HMA reassures its clients that they only treatment about the knowledge dimension, and they won’t peek at your searching actions.

Now, there is 1 factor to retain in brain when it will come to trusting and accepting statements. No issue the record or the past history of a VPN company, only impartial auditors can affirm that all components of a provided privacy coverage are remaining revered by the functional treatments and the programs that are in location by a VPN provider. Regrettably, HMA hasn’t mentioned everything relating to ideas to agreement an auditor in their announcement, so we wouldn’t keep our breath. We will surely revisit the product now and see if we can confirm or debunk just about anything from the shopper-aspect, so stay tuned.

Written by David Minister

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