How ‘Anonymous’ is a Seedbox Provider?

How ‘Anonymous’ is a Seedbox Provider?

anonymous cardBitTorrent is a community file-sharing protocol, which broadcasts IP-addresses of up- and downloaders to the general public at large.

For some, this is a difficulty, so to protect against this from going on, men and women turn to third-occasion expert services this kind of as VPNs, proxies, or cloud torrent downloaders.

When these companies include an extra layer of security, not all are nameless. Numerous cloud torrent downloaders, for illustration, can still connect an IP-handle and timestamp to a particular person or their provider.

With this in intellect, we puzzled how this applies to seedboxes. Whilst these expert services are not predominantly used as an anonymity tool, some imagine that they are.

To uncover out whether this is in truth the scenario, we attained out to numerous of the premier seedbox companies with a established of relevant queries. The queries go over logging practices, responses to DMCA notices, and authorized requests, amongst other matters. The total established of inquiries is as follows:

1. Does your provider accumulate any short term or permanent facts that can link a seedbox IP-deal with to a precise person on your assistance? If so, what information and facts do you gather and how prolonged is that stored?

2. Does your provider retail outlet any personally identifiable data of customers (like IP-addresses)? If so, what details do you retail store, and for how lengthy?

3. Does your service store the names/hashes or other identifying information and facts of (previously) downloaded information (saved on your servers) that can be linked with a specific user? If so, for how prolonged?

4. Do you provide committed and/or shared IP addresses? When IP addresses are shared and you get a ‘live’ grievance from a third-get together, is it probable for you to website link an IP tackle to a ‘live’ torrent and related consumer account?

5. How does your provider answer to DMCA notices or comparable takedown requests?

6. Do you have a repeat infringer coverage? If so, what does it entail?

7. Have you at any time had a ask for to deliver data on a particular consumer from a 3rd-party and been capable to do so?

8. In what situations do you comply with authorized requests and what are you able to hand above?

Even though we contacted virtually a dozen seedbox companies, only two replied. This is alternatively disappointing, particularly from corporations that sometimes provide tens of hundreds of shoppers.

Down below are the responses from the two vendors who have been sort enough to solution: SonicBit and Rapidseedbox.


sonicbit1. We do keep user IP addresses for any user using our seedbox to continue to keep our service clean from dupe/ phony e mail accounts, invalid referral action, etcetera. Information will be eradicated when a consumer requests to take away their account.

2. We do retailer consumer IPs when a consumer logs in and logs out, for user account stability to verify any invalid activity in their account. Details will be eradicated when a person requests to get rid of their account.

3. We do not retail outlet downloaded hashes.

4. We only supply shared seedbox IP tackle, but diverse seedbox situations. We can examine the specific consumer for any torrent downloaded in their account even with a shared seedbox IP address.

5. We will reply to it immediately and severely, verify if the takedown ask for is valid, and then forward the DMCA discover to the user. If there is no response in a few days, we will get rid of the articles manually.

6. No.

7. Never ever.

8. We do comply with the lawful requests and do our very best to resolve any lawful requests to maintain our support clear.


rapidseedbox1. A user is linked to a seedbox IP, at the time of utilization. When the subscription is terminated, the complete seedbox is terminated as very well.

2. We keep the e-mail, transaction background, last logged time and IP handle in the consumer spot. End users can ask for account/data deletion at any time. At situations, we crystal clear up dormant accounts to help save means.

3. No. On 5 out of six plans, the person gets a VPS with root accessibility and has comprehensive control above the seedbox.

4. Each individual seedbox has a dedicated IP address. “Live” complaints are joined to an IP deal with/person.

5. Finding and deleting the facts proactively, informing the person, and asking to not repeat.

6. Repeat infringers will get their products and services suspended and eventually terminated.

7. We refer folks to our Terms of Services and persuade them to just take duty for the action and the content material on their allotted seedbox.

8. See the response to concern 7.


As the responses higher than present, seedboxes can be quite beneficial. Nevertheless, they are unquestionably not (always) nameless.

If your seedbox service provider isn’t detailed listed here we would motivate you to achieve out to aid, asking these same thoughts. We are satisfied to insert responses to this short article going forward if any more occur in.

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