How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting/Rebooting in Easy Steps

How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting/Rebooting in Easy Steps

Does your Firestick keep restarting or rebooting? We know how annoying that is, but this guide will take you through various solutions to this problem.
Firestick is arguably the most popular streaming device, thanks to its excellent performance and value for money. However, its commendable acceptance in the market doesn’t mean that you won’t run into some issues now then, and one of the most annoying is when the device keeps restarting/rebooting.
There are different reasons that cause your amazon Firestick to restart repeatedly, most of which you can easily solve by basic troubleshooting. A few things include insufficient power supply, configuration problems, or an outdated software version.
Fortunately, this article is here to help you fix this Firestick problem. We have compiled various solutions that you can use to fix the Firestick keeps restarting problem.
What Causes the Firestick to keep Restarting?
We know that this Firestick keeps restarting issue is ruining your entertainment experience, and you would like to get to the bottom of this as fast as possible. First of all, you should know that you are not the only one experiencing such, as this is one of the most common issues among Firestick users.
There is no one particular fix to the Firestick keeps rebooting problem as many issues may lead to this. Some of these include a full memory, faulty connections, or a full disk space. Rarely it’s a problem with the Fire TV hardware itself. Hence, there are various quick fixes to this issue.
So stick around until you find what is causing this problem on your Firestick and how you can solve it.
Guide On How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting issue
Below are some of the solutions you can try out if you are experiencing the Firestick keeps updating and restarting problem.
Check or Replace Your Adapter
Arguably the most common source of the Firestick keeps restarting/rebooting issue. Your Firestick comes with a 1 Amp power adapter. If you are experiencing the reboot loop, you should consider checking or replacing your adapter with a 2 Amp power adapter. A 2 Amp power adapter is designed for the larger Amazon firestick, so it provides more power.
So, if your amazon firestick/ fire TV keeps on restarting, you should try using a more powerful adapter and see if this will solve the problem.
Try to Factory Reset
If your Firestick has a wrongly configured system, then this can lead to its repeated restarting issue. The simplest way to fix this if you are not sure of the reason causing the problem is to try resetting Firestick.
This procedure will automatically bring your Firestick to its default settings as it removes all your custom configured options. Once your Firestick is reset, you can proceed to configure it again according to your preference.
Here’s the procedure to reset Firestick:
While on your Fire TV home screen, go to “Settings.”Select “My Fire TV” optionAfter that, scroll down to “Reset to Factory Defaults.” Here, enter your pin if required.You will get a prompt. Click “Reset.” Wait for a few minutes till the process is fully complete.
Your device will automatically restart once the resetting process is complete.
Update Your Firestick Firmware
If you have not updated your Firestick recently, you may be using an old Firestick software version. When a critical update is released, most devices tend to misbehave a prompt for users to upgrade to the latest secure version; this includes Firestick. Apart from that, the version you are using may have a bug, which can be easily solved by updating.
Here’s the procedure for doing so:
While on your Fire TV home screen, go to “Settings.”Select “My Fire TV” option.Now, select “About.”After that, choose “Install update” or “Check for Updates.”Hit the “Select” button on your remote. After doing this, your Firestick will go off.Wait for your updates to be installed, which will take roughly 5-15 minutes, depending on your connection speed.
Try a New USB Cable Instead
USB cables that power your Firestick, such as (micro USB), have a life span. If you have not replaced the USB cable that your Firestick uses in a long time, there is a probability that it is no longer functioning well or providing enough power for your Fire TV/ Amazon Fire Stick.
This case requires you to replace your old USB cable with a new one, and it might solve your Firestick keeps restarting problem.
Use Original Accessories
Suppose you use any USB cables other than the original power block and power cable that come with your Firestick. In that case, you should replace them because the original Firestick accessories are designed to provide a specific amount of power supply and data transfer rates to your device.
So if you are using aftermarket cables or power blocks and experiencing the Firestick keeps rebooting problem, try replacing them with the certified ones or equally powerful ones and see if this problem solves.
Basic Troubleshoot Your Firestick
Your Firestick may keep on restarting because of many different reasons. However, what would be better than a solution that can help you fix many of these issues at one time. Basic Troubleshooting of your Firestick enables you to cover the problems immediately.
How can you do this? First, try restarting your Firestick device and see if this will solve the problem. If it doesn’t, proceed to update your software and test if it resolves your issue. If this fails, you should try to factory reset your Fire TV and see if this works.
Try Using a Power Supply Directly Instead Of Using a TV USB Cable
If you are powering your Firestick from your TV’s USB port, then this may be a reason why your Firestick keeps restarting. At times, a TV USB port may not provide the required power supply for Firestick to run smoothly.
So, if your Fire TV stick is plugged into your TV using a USB cable, then try connecting it to the power supply directly. This fix may help you fix your Firestick rebooting problem as your Fire TV device will get enough power supply to keep it running.
Check the HDMI Cable. Change If Faulty
You should check the Firestick HDMI cable you have plugged into your TV. If you are using a defective HDMI cable, this may be why you are experiencing the Firestick rebooting problem. To test if your HDMI cable is the cause of this Firestick problem, you can use it with another device and see if it works.
If your Firestick HDMI cable is faulty, we recommend that you replace it and test if this solves your Firestick restarting in a reboot loop issue.
Unplug other HDMI Devices
Nearly all TVs come with two or more HDMI ports. If that’s the case for you, you have likely plugged more than one HDMI device into your TV. The connection of two or more devices to a single TV may sometimes interfere with Firestick streaming because it may fail to get enough power, resulting in the Firestick restarting problem.
To fix this, we recommend removing other gadgets connected to your TV and test if this solves the Firestick restarting problem. If it does, you can plug in the HDMI devices one at a time and see which device is causing the problem.
Clear Cache of Installed Apps
Just like all other devices, Firestick stores cache files for the installed apps. The cache is simply a library of stored files and data. This cache files gradually increase, and when they become too many, you may begin encountering the Firestick keeps restarting problem. If you clear the firestick cache of some of the heaviest apps (such as Kodi), this will help increase the performance space.
You don’t have to worry about the data stored in the other apps you have installed in your Firestick. Clearing the app cache of a particular app will not interfere with other apps.
Here’s the procedure for doing so:
While on your Fire TV home screen, go to “Settings.”Select “Applications.”Select “Manage Installed Applications.”Choose an app to clear its cache.Select “Clear Cache” option and then “Clear Data.”
Once done, test and see if this has helped resolve the Fire TV keeps restarting issue.
Remove Unused Apps
We recommend that you remove all unused apps on your Firestick. These apps can be taking a huge space of your memory and performance helpers, even though you may not be using them anymore.
If your Fire TV keeps restarting and you have tried all the solutions above, and none has solved the problem, you should try removing these unused apps on your Firestick and see if this helps fix the problem. You can uninstall as many apps as possible based on the apps less used and their downloading sizes.

Here’s the procedure for doing so:
While on your Fire TV home screen, go to Settings.Select “Applications.”Select “Manage Installed Applications.”Choose the app you want to uninstall, and then “Uninstall.”
Once you have removed all your unused apps on Firestick, test and see if the rebooting problem is fixed.
Turn Off/Remove Cable Extensions
If you have any USB cable extension plugged into your Firestick device and experiencing the Firestick restarts itself issue, you should remove it. Why is this? In some cases, USB cable extensions don’t meet a particular device’s necessary power supply requirements.
You should try removing any extensions and see if your device will work well.
Turn off HDMI CEC On Your Device
Most modern TVs typically come with a feature called HDMI CEC. Your connected HDMI device, such as Firestick, can be controlled with a TV remote control through this feature. This feature may be a potential reason why your Firestick restarts itself, as it may interfere with your Firestick’s performance.
To fix this, you should turn the HDMI CEC feature off on your Fire TV.
Here’s the procedure for doing so:
While on your Fire TV home screen, go to “Settings.”Select “Display & Audio” option.Select “HDMI CEC Device Control” option.Turn it off.
Check or Replace Batteries Used In the Remote
Finally, although this is not a common problem, you should know that low batteries in your Firestick remote can make Firestick restart itself as your remote may begin malfunctioning and send a restart signal to your Fire TV stick.
So, if you are experiencing the Firestick keeps restarting problem and have not replaced your Firestick batteries in a long time, you should consider getting new ones as this may help you resolve the issue.  Additionally, we recommend you get a replacement remote for Firestick if your amazon remote is not working.
Check If there’s a Hardware Issue With Your Firestick.
If none of the fixes mentioned above have helped you solve the Firestick keeps restarting problem, it may be a more severe issue.  There may be a hardware issue with your Firestick, and you should try connecting with Amazon customer service to guide you on whether it is possible to repair your device or you will need to replace it.
Firestick Keeps Going Back to Home Screen Problem
Apart from restarting, you may find that your TV begins flickering and going back to the home screen; this is one of the most common problems among Firestick users, and it can mess with your watching. So how can you fix this problem? To solve the Firestick keeps going back to the home screen issue, you can restart your Firestick device. If this doesn’t work, ensure that your Firestick is updated and that the HDMI cable is working fine.
Use a VPN To Protect Yourself & Your Fire TV
As you are browsing online, you navigate through many apps and streaming sites. Most of the free apps you’ll use, such as Kodi or Cinema HD, do not host the content that they provide. Further, the streams are not vetted, and they often infringe copyrights.
To ensure that you are protected, we highly recommend that you use a reliable Firestick VPN like IPVanish. The VPN will encrypt your activities to hide them from your ISP and change your IP address to make you anonymous, ensuring that nobody can track you or even compromise your device, adding a crucial layer of protection.
FAQ About Firestick Keeps Restarting
Why does my Firestick keep restarting?
There are various reasons why your Firestick keeps restarting, such as insufficient power supply, using an unofficial cable, configuration problems, or even a hardware problem. Luckily, you can troubleshoot some of them quickly and solve them using the guidelines listed above.
Should I unplug my firestick at night?
The best thing about a Fire TV/ FireStick is that it automatically turns off if left idle for some time. However, turning off in Firestick terms means going to sleep, so the device will not shut down completely. If you want to ensure that it is not using any resources, you should unplug it from the power source.
Why my firestick turns off by itself?
An Amazon Firestick/Fire TV turning off can be due to many reasons. It can be caused by issues with your Firestick or connection issues between your TV and Firestick. However, if your TV isn’t going off while your Firestick keeps turning off, this may be a problem with the Firestick itself due to reasons such as hardware problems and lack of enough power supply, among others.
What if my firestick gets too hot?
If you experience an overheating problem with your Firestick device, you should immediately unplug it from its power source. Your device should stay unplugged until it fully cools down. After that, you can plug back in your Firestick. By doing this, you will terminate all running apps in the background and clear the app cache.
Wrap Up
This article has various fixes you can use for when your Firestick doesn’t quit restarting itself. We hope that it is of help to you as we know how annoying it can be when you want to relax and watch your favorite title, but Firestick keeps crashing. However…

Enjoying your favorite movies and TV Shows is not exempt from headaches as, even when your Firestick is working fine, you may be offending copyrights. Use a reliable VPN like IPVanish and stay away from any legal penalties.

All the best!
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