How to Install Apps (APKs) on FireStick Using PC


In this guide, I will show you how to install APKs on FireStick from a PC/Computer. The method works with both Windows and Mac.

You can install third-party apps onto FireStick from an online location using Downloader or other sideloading tools. But, what if you want to install an app from the APK file saved on the hard drive of your computer? Thankfully, there is a way to do that and we are going to discuss it in this guide.

Why do I need to sideload from my PC when I can use the sideloading tools like Downloader, you may ask? Honestly, it is more convenient to use these sideloading utility apps to install third-party apps on my FireStick. However, I believe it is good to have alternative options.

Sometimes I have some APK files on my computer and I wish I could transfer them to FireStick all at once. If I am using a sideloading app, I will have to get each one of them one by one using separate web links. On the other hand, with the PC to FireStick method, I can copy multiple APKs to FireStick together.

These are my reasons; you may have your own. So, here is our guide on how to install apps on FireStick from a PC. It might come handy someday.

Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

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Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.

Read: How to install and use VPN on Fire Stick

How to Install APKs on FireStick using PC/Computer

Prerequisite: Enable ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources

ADB Debugging must be enabled to allow FireStick to connect with your computer. Apps from Unknown Sources needs to be turned ON to let FireStick sideload third-party apps. Here is how you can do both:

1- Access Settings from the home screen of FireStick. You will find Settings on the top-right

how to install apks on firestick using computer

2- Navigate to and click My Fire TV (if you are using an old Fire TV device, you might see Device instead)

sideload apps on firestick from PC

3- Click Developer Options next

how to sideload apps on firestick from PC

4- You will now find both ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources on the following screen. Turn both of them ON one by one

how to install apps on firestick from PC

5- Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources triggers the following prompt. Click Turn on

install apk on firestick from computer

Sideload Apps on FireStick Using PC

Please make sure that your FireStick and Computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this method to work

I will divide this process into three parts.

Part 1: (FireStick)

Follow these steps on your FireStick:

1- Go to the FireStick home screen again. Access the search option in the top-left corner

install apks on firestick using computer

2- Type in ES File Explorer and click it in the search results

how to download apk on firestick from pc

3- Click the ES File Explorer icon on the next screen

how to transfer apk from pc to firestick

4- Depending upon what you see, click Download or Get on the window that follows

install apps on firestick from PC

5- ES File Explorer will now download and install. Wait.

sideload apps on firestick from PC

6- Click Open to run the ES File Explorer app.

Note: You may also access the app later from Your Apps & Channels section

install apks from pc to firestick

7- When you run the ES File Explorer app for the first time after installation, you may see the following window. Click Agree

install apps on firestick from PC

8- Click Allow next to give the app the permission it requires to access photos and media files on your FireStick

sideload apps on firestick from PC

9- On the main screen of ES File Explorer, you can click View on PC icon on the right. You may also expand the Network menu on the left and click View on PC

install apks on firestick using computer

10- You now see this window with the name of the network your device is connected to. The computer from which you are sideloading the APK must also be connected to the same network

Click TURN ON button

sideload apks on firestick using computer

11- The FTP address is now displayed. Note down this address. You will need it in the next part

install apps on firestick from PC

Part 2: (On Your PC)

Follow these steps on your computer:

1- Download the APK of the app on your computer you wish to install on your FireStick. You can use any web browser (like Chrome, FireFox, Opera) to download the file

2- Open any folder on your computer and enter the FTP address from the ES File Explorer that you noted in the previous part

install apps on firestick from PC3- You should now see the list of all the FireStick folders on your computer. Choose the FireStick folder in which you want to save the APK file

Now, go to the location on your computer where you downloaded the APK.

Copy the APK file in the desired FireStick folder

Note: I have downloaded Cinema APK file from for demonstration purposes

Part 3: (On Your FireStick)

Again, follow these steps on your FireStick:

1- Open ES File Explorer again on FireStick

2- On the main screen of ES File Explorer app, expand the Local menu on the left. You will now see two Home options. Click the second one that does not have a home image next to it

Note: Alternately, you can click Internal Storage on the right on the top

sideload apps on firestick from PC

3- Open the FireStick folder in which you saved the APK file in Part 2.

I am opening the Download folder in which I saved the Cinema APK file

install apks on firestick using computer

4- Click the APK file

sideload apks on firestick using computer

5- Click Install on the following prompt

sideload apps on firestick from PC

6- Click Install again in the bottom right corner of the next prompt

install apks on firestick using computer

7- Wait for the App installed message

You may now click Open to run the installed app or click Done to use the app later

sideload apks on firestick using computer

This is how you sideload apps from a computer using ES File Explorer.

(Alternate Method) Sideload Apps on FireStick from a PC using FileLinked App

This is an alternate method. If you have already sideloaded the APK from a computer using the previous ES File Explorer method, you don’t need to follow this method.

FileLinked is one of the best FireStick apps to sideload APK files.  You can upload files from your computer to your FileLinked account using a browser and download the APK file through the FileLinked app on your FireStick.

One of the biggest benefits of using this method is that you DON’T need your FireStick and computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In fact, this method works even when your computer and FireStick are at two different locations anywhere in the world. Furthermore, once you have uploaded the APK to the FileLinked account, you will NOT need your computer anymore. You can download the APK on your FireStick as many times as you want from the FileLinked account.

We have a detailed guide on how to install FileLinked on FireStick, how to sign up for a FileLinked account, how to upload files to FileLinked account, and how to download the uploaded files via the FileLinked FireStick app.

– Go to the sign-up section of the guide to create a FileLinked account
– Go to the upload section of the guide to upload APK files to your FileLinked account and create a download code
– Go to the installation instructions section to install FileLinked on FireStick
– Go to the download section of the guide to download and install APKs on FireStick using the FileLinked app

Wrapping Up

So, here are our two methods to install apps onto FireStick using a PC. There are a couple of more methods but they are too complicated. Even I don’t use them ever. The above two methods using ES File Explorer and FileLinked are rather easy and work great for me. I have installed third-party apps on my FireStick on countless occasions using these methods. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.

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