How to Install Corona Kodi Addon in Simple Steps

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to install Corona Addon on Kodi. Even though the screenshots were taken on Windows, the method works exactly the same way for FireStick and all other Kodi supported platforms.

Corona Kodi addon is one deserved addition to our list of Best Kodi Addons. The addon has been around for a few months and continued to perform consistently. It is designed to stream on-demand content including Movies, Shows and Documentaries.

The simple layout of Corona makes for quick and easy navigation. With the organized categories and subcategories, you can find the content you wish to watch without any difficulties. The addon also features a Search option on the main-screen in case you are looking for something specific to watch.

Corona fetches plenty of free streams, mostly with 720p playback resolution. With the Real-Debrid sign-in, you get access to higher quality streams in up to 1080p resolution.

How to Install Corona Addon on Kodi

I will take you through the detailed installation process. But, first things first. Kodi would not let you install any third-party addon unless you have tweaked a system setting. It is a security setting that prevents the automatic installation of malicious plugins. Corona is a safe and tested addon and hence we can change this setting for it.

Here is what you go to do:

#1. Run the Kodi app and when the home-screen loads up, click the gear icon in the top-left corner to open Settings

how to install corona addon on kodi

#2. Go ahead and open System (or System Settings on Kodi 17.6)

Tip – If you are still running an older version of Kodi, here’s how to update Kodi.


#3. Highlight/Select Add-ons menu item on the left followed by clicking Unknown Sources on the right (only if this option is off). The idea is to make sure the toggle is turned on


#4. Click Yes when prompted by Kodi. As I said, Corona Kodi addon is safe.

Note: You may want to turn OFF Unknown Sources after installing Corona for safety purposes

With this, you have set up Kodi to install any third-party addon and that includes Corona.

Let’s get started.

Installation Steps for Corona Kodi Addon

Follow the instructions below and you will have the addon within minutes:

#1. Open the Kodi Settings again from the home-screen


#2. Click the File manager icon around the top-left part of the next window


#3. Open the option Add source on the following screen


#4. This is the popup you should see now. Click


#5. You will be asked to enter the source URL from where Corona Kodi addon will be eventually downloaded. Go ahead and enter:

Check and make sure the URL has been typed correctly.

Click OK

#6. When you return to this window, highlight the field which asks you to enter the name of the source. Enter sandman or any name you like

Click OK when your Kodi screen looks like mine


#7. Press the back button (or backspace key) multiple times until you are back on the following window. Click Add-ons to continue

Kodi 17.6 users should go back to the home-screen and click Add-ons on the left menu followed by open-box icon on the top-left of the next screen

#8. Open the option Install from zip file


#9. Click sandman or the name you chose earlier in Step #6


#10. Open the zip file

Note: I have replaced the version number with x.x as it may change later

#11. You now need to wait for the Sandman Media Repo Add-on installed confirmation that slides out from the top-right of the screen


#12. Staying on the same window, click Install from repository


#13. Open Sandman Media Repo


#14. Click Video add-ons


#15. Go ahead and click Corona


#16. Now click the Install button that you see around the bottom right


#17. If you are a Kodi 18 Leia user, you will see the following prompt informing that additional addons will be installed with Corona. Click OK

Note: This window doesn’t appear for Kodi 17.6 users

#18. Wait for about a minute or two until you see Corona Add-on installed notification


Well, that should be all. You have successfully installed Corona Add-on on Kodi. Enjoy!

How to Use Corona Kodi Addon

Corona rather looks like a straightforward addon to me. However, the developers have introduced a token system, which I think you must learn about beforehand.

Let’s first access the addon. For that, go to the Kodi home-screen and highlight Add-ons on the left. You will see Corona Kodi addon within the Video add-ons section. Or you could simply go to Add-ons > Video add-ons


When you run Corona, it asks for the access token. When prompted, click Continue


You will now see the following prompt:


There are two ways to get the token. Here is the first one:

  • You could manually go to the
  • Enter the ID displayed on your Kodi screen
  • Click Generate Token on the webpage.
  • A token is displayed on your browser. It remains active for less than 5 minutes. Note down the token, return to Kodi, click Enter token

The other way is to click Get token instead. It will open the same link in your default web browser. You can follow the steps above to authorize Corona with the token.

The first method works better for me.

Here is what the Corona team has to say about the token system.


Once you are in, this is what the main-screen of Corona Add-on looks like. As you can see, Corona Kodi addon is a fairly regular one. It has conventional categories including Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Documentaries, etc.


It also has My Movies and My TV Shows sections, which work when you sign in to the addon with Trakt. These sections sync with your Trakt account.

The Tools option takes you to the addon settings. You can use the Search option to look up for any specific video content within the addon.


Corona gets straight to the business without a lot of fuss. As you must have noticed, this addon keeps things simple. It only features the basic categories and options so that you could get started watching your favorite movies and shows straight away. By keeping away from all the frills, Corona manages to stay low-sized and fast.

The content collection is what you would expect – big. It has the latest as well as the old movies and shows. The token system is one small barrier you must cross in order to get started. Everything else looks great to me about Corona Kodi Addon.


Written by David Minister
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