How to Install DeathStar Kodi Addon with a Bundle of 40 Addons (2018)

How to Install DeathStar Kodi Addon with a Bundle of 40 Addons (2018)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install DeathStar addon on Kodi. The process outlined here works on all the devices that support Kodi including Android Mobiles, Tablets, Amazon FireStick, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, Linux and more.

DeathStar is a relatively new Kodi addon that lets you stream video content including on-demand movies and shows, live TV, music, sports, and a lot more. Yes, all at one place. DeathStar isn’t like any other Kodi addon you must have known. This addon packs a complete library of the most amazing Kodi addons. It has 40 add-ons as I write this article and I am expecting more will be added soon.

It is easy to confuse DeathStar with a Kodi build as both offer preloaded addons. But, DeathStar isn’t a build, it is just an addon with a twist. It simply lets you access multiple addons from one place. There is a fair chance you may not have heard of DeathStar. But, despite being new, I have a strong feeling that it is soon going to be very popular. Most of its addons are new and some are even exclusive to it.

DeathStar Kodi addon has been created by a collaboration of 10 developers. With the top Kodi addon developers coming together, you could expect nothing less than a wonder. Most importantly, with a backing of 10 developers, you will never have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of this addon.

Let us now learn to install DeathStar Kodi addon. I am confident you will like DeathStar as much as I have.

DeathStar Kodi Addon: Installation Process

We will get started with the steps in a moment. First, you want to change a security setting in Kodi to allow the addons from the unknown sources. By unknown sources I mean the addons that are not the part of the official repository of Kodi (Kodi addon repository). Follow the steps below:

1. Open Kodi app on your device and on the upper left click the Settings (you should be looking for the cog icon)

how to install deathstar kodi addon

2. Open the System settings next

install kodi deathstar addon

3. When you are on the following screen, select Add-ons on the left side

4. This will populate a new set of options on the left. Among these new options, you will find Unknown Sources. If this option is OFF/disabled turn it ON

deathstar addon

5. When the following prompt appears, click Yes without any hesitance. Yes, it warns you of the risks associated with keeping Unknown Sources on, but with safe addons like DeathStar, you have nothing to worry about. I use this addon on my multiple devices.

deathstar addon on kodi

Now the Security setting part is taken care of. We can move along with the actual installation process of DeathStar addon on Kodi. Here is the full set of steps:

1. When you are on the home-screen of Kodi, click the Settings icon on the upper-left again

kodi settings

2. Click File manager on the next screen this time

deathstar addon kodi

3. Look for the Add source option and click it. As you can see in the image below, Add Source is on the left and right of the screen. You may click either.

kodi deathstar addon

4. When the following screen is displayed, go ahead and click

how to deathstar addon on kodi

5. This opens a new window with the option to type in the source URL. Enter the following URL and press OK

deathstar kodi

6. Now type in the source name in the designated space marked as Enter a name for this media source. It doesn’t have to be any specific name. But, I lean on the side of making it identifiable with the source. I will go with Ukodi1.

Your Kodi must look like what you see in the following image.

Click OK

kodi DeathStar

Thus far, you have added the source and pointed Kodi to the server from where the DeathStar Kodi addon will be eventually installed.

7. Press the back/esc key and head back to the home-screen of Kodi. From the set of options on the left, open Add-ons

kodi addons settings

8. Now, go to the top-left corner of the next screen and click the Package Installer (the icon that looks like an open-box)

package installer

9.Now open Install from zip file

how to install kodi addon from zip file

10.Find the source name you added earlier and click it. In this guide we named it Ukodi1

deathstar kodi addon

11. Now go ahead and click the file

Don’t worry about the version number if it is any different from 0.0.5. It might get updated with the new version of the repository. Just click the zip file with whatever number is there.

install kodi deathstar addon

12. You will be guided back to the previous window where you click Install from zip file. Just wait for a few moments until Ukodi1 Add-on installed notification message appears on the top-right of this window

Do not press any button/key and stay on this window.

deathstar repository

Now you have installed the Ukodi1 repository. This is the repository from which you will install the Kodi DeathStar addon. You will see how in the upcoming steps.

13. Click Install from repository

deathstar addon

14. Open the ukodi1 repository

how to install deathstar kodi addon

15. Click Video add-ons

how to get deathstar addon on kodi

16. Find and click DeathStar addon (it is somewhere around the top)

deathstar addon on kodi

17. Click Install

how to install deathstar kodi addon

18. Again, you will be guided back to the previous window. Wait for the DeathStar installation notification that shows on the top-right corner.

deathstar kodi addon

With this, you have successfully installed the DeathStar Kodi addon.

Attention: Kodi Addons bring unlimited streaming content, but could also get you in a legal trouble. Kodi users must use a VPN to hide their identity while streaming movies / TV Shows / Sports. Moreover, many popular Addons are geo-blocked and will require a VPN to work.

I personally use and recommend ExpressVPN which is the best VPN for Kodi. You can get 3-months free and save 49% on its annual plans.

Exploring DeathStar Addon

Let me give you one tiny tour of DeathStar Kodi addon. It will be a brief overview. I will leave the rest for you to explore.

Head back to the Kodi home-screen and click Add-ons. On the next window click Video add-ons on the left. This is where you will see DeathStar addon for Kodi along with other video addons (if you have any).

Open it!

What you see next is the list of the Kodi video addons bundled with DeathStar addon. Most of these addons are new. I have used them personally and they are pretty good. These add-ons are regularly maintained and updated. Wumpa Fruits is my favorite.

deathstar kodi

Just go ahead and open an addon and get started with streaming your favorite content.

To know more about DeathStar, I recommend clicking Latest News And Updates on the top. The following pop appears with some useful information.

how to use deathstar kodi addon

This pop-up apprises you of the Current Status and any Current Issues. It also has Team Numbers telling you the number of collaborators who have contributed to the development of this addon. It also gives you the Addon Numbers, which is 38 at the time of writing this guide.

DeathStar features OneClick addon, which you will only find here and nowhere else. Even though my pick is Wumpa Fruits, I like OneClick too.

Just go ahead and explore it all.

Winding Up

That’s pretty much it. This guide contains everything that will get you started with the DeathStar addon. The installation steps are straightforward but should you experience any issues, feel free to fill us in through the comments block below. DeathStar is a new, exciting addon that I would say is ‘so good so far.’ I am counting on it more because it is backed by not one but currently 10 developers. So, chances of it failing are very slim. Give it a try and share your experience with us.


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