How to Install Descent Kodi Addon on Firestick in 5 Minutes

How to install descent addon on kodi

In this guide, I will show you how to install Descent addon on Kodi. This add-on works smoothly on all the Kodi devices, such as FireStick, Android TV, Computers, Mobiles, etc.

The Descent is primarily an on-demand Kodi addon for Movies and Shows. However, it also features an IPTV category, which makes it a good choice for Live TV streaming as well.

This addon comes from the popular Cy4Root Repository, which is also the part of our list of top Kodi repositories.

Descent addon is fetching high-quality links and offers smooth streaming. It is also compatible with Real Debrid. Additionally, it supports Trakt integration if you are looking to synch your streaming activities with other apps.

The Descent Kodi addon is now also part of our best addons for Kodi in 2020.

How to install Descent addon on Kodi

This installation process is divided into two important parts as follows:

  • Allow the Unknown Sources in the Kodi Settings
  • Install the Descent Kodi addon

By dividing into parts, the process becomes easier to follow.

Part 1: Allow Unknown Sources on Kodi

Kodi has an official repository called Kodi Add-on Repository. Any addon that is not the part of this repository is a third-party addon. Kodi requires special permission to install third-party addons.

The Descent is one such addon. To install it, here is what you need to do first:

1. Access the Kodi Settings

You can do that from the main screen of the Kodi interface. Just click the gear icon in the top-left corner

How to install descent addon on kodi

2. These are the options within the Settings

Open System


3. The next window displays various options in the left menu

Click Add-ons


4. Now, the right side is populated with the related items

This is where you also find Unknown Sources. By default, it is disabled or OFF

Click this option and enable it


5. The following warning message or prompt is displayed

To continue, click Yes


By doing this, you have configured Kodi to allow the installation of Descent or any other third-party addon.

Note: After installing this addon, turn OFF Unknown Sources again to keep Kodi secure

Part 2: Installation Steps for the Descent Kodi addon

Follow the steps below and install Descent addon on Kodi within minutes:

1. Access the Settings option on Kodi again

Click the gear icon in the top-left corner on the main window of the Kodi interface


2. Next, open the Settings item File manager


3. On the subsequent window, you need to click Add source

You can click it either on the left or on the right


4. Now, this dialog box appears

Here, find where it says and click it. It will be replaced with the source URL


5. Now, we type the source URL on this window

Carefully enter

Recheck the source and make sure you typed it correctly. Typos are common with long URLs and they cause installation issues later

Click OK


6. You will now see this window again

Highlight or select the textbox to enter the name of the source. Here, you are free to type any name you wish to identify the source with later

I am using the name cy4root


7. Press the back button or key once and you should see the Settings menu again

Click Add-ons


8. When the following options are displayed, click Install from zip file


9. Now, on this popup locate the source name you added in one of the previous steps

It is cy4root in this case


10. On the next screen, you should see a zip file repository.cy4root-master

Click this file to install the Cy4root Repository


11. We now wait until the cy4root Repository installation notification is displayed in the top-right corner of the window

It usually takes a few seconds


12. Click Install from repository on the same window


13. Open the cy4root Repository that you installed moments ago


14. Open the section Video add-ons


15. Scroll down and click the addon Descent on this list


16. Now, you want to click the option Install in the bottom-right corner of the next window

How to install descent addon on kodi

17. This popup appears with the list of all the additional addons that install with the Descent Kodi addon

Click OK to continue


18. During the installation, you may see this dialog box for YouTube addon setup

No setup is required. Click No to proceed


19. Wait until you see the installation notification for the Descent addon in the top-right corner

This takes a couple of minutes


Descent Kodi addon has installed and is now ready to be used.

How to use Descent addon on Kodi

We will break down this section as well into various parts so that it is easy to follow:

  • How to access Descent Kodi addon
  • Get started with Descent addon
  • Additional settings for the Descent addon

How to access Descent Kodi addon

To access Descent addon, follow these steps:

Go back to the main screen of the Kodi interface and click Add-ons in the left menu

You will see this window now. Do not click Video add-ons in the left menu. Just select or highlight it

You should see the Descent addon on the right part of the window. Go ahead and click the addon to run it


This is how you access Descent or any other video addon on Kodi.

Getting started with the Descent Kodi addon

When you run the Descent addon for the first time, you are likely to see this Changelog window. This prompt may also appear if the addon has been updated since the last time you used it.

Just press the back button to dismiss this prompt


This would be the main screen of the Descent addon. Here are some of its main streaming categories:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies (IMDB)
  • New Episodes (Trakt)


Every category is likely to be divided into further subcategories. For instance, when I click the Movies category, the following subcategories are displayed.

In fact, these subcategories may further have their own subcategories.

After choosing the desired categories and subcategories, you will find the list of the available content.


The addon has a special category ‘Descent’ on the main screen. Let’s click it to explore it further.


The Descent category contains special streaming options such as Boxsets, Oneclick, IPTV, SportPlugins, Documentary, Radio, and more.

If you are looking for a Live TV addon, you may explore the IPTV section of Descent.


Additional Settings for the Descent Addon

There are a few settings within the addon I believe could be useful.

Enable all providers to fix streaming issues

If you are not getting many working streams, here is what you can try:

1. Click Tools on the main screen of the addon


2. Click Open Scrapers Settings


3. Choose the General tab on the left

Click Enable All Providers on the right


Authorize Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a link generator with tons of high-quality links. Here is how you can authorize it from within the addon settings:

1. Click Tools on the main screen


2. Click ResolveURL Settings on the following window


3. Select Universal Resolvers on the left


4. On the right, scroll down to the Real-Debrid section for authorization

For more information, read our detailed guide on Real Debrid on Kodi


Features of Descent Kodi Addon

Here are some of the highlights of this addon:

  • Features an expansive collection of Movies and Shows
  • Delivers various specials and extras besides the regular content
  • Has a working Live TV section to stream many popular cable TV channels
  • Uses OpenScrapers and fetches quality links
  • Works with Real Debrid
  • VPN-friendly

Wrapping Up

Descent is one of the finest Kodi addons I have come across recently. That’s expected given that it comes from the popular Cy4Root Repository. The addon is getting quality links and streaming well. Have you tried Descent Kodi addon yet? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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