How to Install Downloader on Android Boxes

How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App

How to Install Downloader on Android Boxes

Downloader allows Android users to easily download files from the internet
onto their device!

You must have ES File Explorer installed to be able to install Downloader.
ES File Explorer is easily available on the Google Play Store.




1. Open ES File Explorer and scroll down to tools and click on it. A drop down menu should appear.



2. Click on Download Manager and it will open up.




3. On the bottom toolbar click on New and a download dialog box will pop up.



4. Enter the following Path:
       and Name: downloader

Then click Download Now




5. The File will proceed to Download.




6. Once the File is done Downloading Click Open File.




7. Then click Install.




8. Click Install again.




9. The App will begin to Install.




10. When the App is done Installing, Click Open.




11. When the App opens Click on Settings.




12. Enable JavaScript and your done.

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