How to Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Under 5 Minutes

How to Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon Under 5 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the detailed and simple process to install Exodus Redux Addon on Kodi. The method outlined here works on Amazon FireStick / Fire TV/ Fire TV Cube, Android & iOS Mobile Devices, Windows & Mac Computers, Android TV & Boxes, and all other hardware and software platforms on which Kodi is supported.

Exodus Redux is a new Kodi addon that gives you access to tons of movies and shows. It looks a lot like the very popular Exodus addon and even has the same logo. But, after having used both I have drawn some comparisons and believe Exodus Redux is better than Exodus.

The older Exodus addon has been abandoned by its developers. I haven’t seen any new updates or developments in several months. It is still the most widely used addon probably because it was once very popular and continues to be frequently talked about in various Kodi communities.

Exodus Redux, on the other hand, is backed by a solid team of developers, gets regular updates, and the content library is also frequently updated as soon as new videos are available. This addon employs the most powerful and effective scrapers – Lambda Scrapers – that I have known.

I have heard a lot of people calling it the fork of Incursion addon and it probably is. But, it looks and feels a great deal like Exodus. It also serves as a suitable replacement to Exodus, which has been riding on its past glory for too long.

If you are looking for a Kodi addon that gets you the highest-quality streams, has a superb collection of content, is fast and reliable, go ahead and give Exodus Redux Kodi addon a try.

How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi 17.6

Before we start the installation process, one important thing to note is that Exodus Redux Kodi addon is not the part of the official Kodi Add-on Repository. That’s why it is called a third-party addon. And, when you want to install such an addon, you must have the Unknown Sources within Kodi switched on. This is how you do it:

#1. Open the Settings option when you are on the Kodi home-screen (top-left) and then go to System Settings on the screen that follows

how to install exodus redux addon on kodi

#2. Select/highlight Add-ons on the list of the options on the left sidebar. Now navigate to the right of the same window and enable Unknown Sources

exodus redux kodi addon

#3. Click Yes on the following warning message. Don’t worry about the warning. Exodus Redux is a safe Kodi addon

how to get kodi exodus redux addon


Let me now guide you through the installation steps. The process is simple. All you need to do is follow each step carefully. Here we go:

#1- Head back to the Kodi home-screen and open Settings again

#2- Within the Settings, open File manager

kodi file manager

#3- Open Add source

add source on kodi

#4- Now click where it says on the next window

exodus redux repo source url

#5- Type in the following URL exactly as I have provided here: ( )

Click OK

download exodus redux kodi addon

#6- When you are back on this window, enter red (or any other name you like) in the area Enter a name for this media source

Click OK

exodus redux kodi addon

#7- Navigate to the Kodi home-screen one more time and click Add-ons

kodi addons settings

#8- Open the Package Installer option by clicking the open-box icon on the far top-left of the following screen

package installer on kodi

#9- Choose Install from zip file

install exodus redux addon from zip file on kodi

#10- Click the name red on the list (or any other name you added earlier)

exodus redux addon

#11- Open the folder repo zips

exodus redux repo

#12- Click the zip file named that you see on your screen

Note: The version number of the file may be different than what you see in this guide. Open the zip file anyway

install exodus redux kodi addon

#13- Wait for a few seconds for the Exodus Redux Repo installation confirmation (top-right corner)

get exodus redux addon on kodi

#14- While staying on the same window, click Install from repository

install exodus redux addon from repository on kodi

#15- Open the Exodus Redux Repo

exodus redux repository

#16- Open Video add-ons

exodus redux video addons

#17- Choose Exodus Redux

kodi exodus redux addon

#18- Click the Install button on the bottom

how to install exodus redux kodi addon

#19- Now wait for about a minute for the Exodus Redux installation confirmation or notification

exodus redux installed on kodi notification

You have successfully installed Exodus Redux Kodi Addon.

Fix No Streams Available on Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is one incredible Kodi addon with loads of contents and probably the most powerful scrapers at work. But, when I first installed this addon, I could not get it working. It would keep throwing the error ‘no streams available’ no matter which TV show or movie I chose to play.

I thought it was a problem with the addon. But, soon I realized there is one setting within the addon that I must change to get it working.

Unlike other addons, you can’t get started with Exodus Redux Kodi addon straightaway in some cases. But, trust me, it will be worth your while. Here is what you need to do:

#1- Go to Kodi home-screen and then go to Add-ons > Video Add-ons

#2- Open Exodus Redux addon on Kodi from here

exodus redux kodi addon

#3- Scroll down and click Tools from the main-screen of Exodus Redux

exodus redux kodi addon

#4- Next, click SETTINGS: Providers option

exodus redux addon on kodi

#5- The Settings – Exodus Redux window will pop up. Make sure the Providers option on the left is selected. On the right, under the Choose From Build-in Providers (Default) or Lambda Scrapers you will see Default as the option for Choose Module Provider Source

kodi exodus redux addon

#6- Change to Lambda Scrapers from Default. Your window should look like the image I have added below. Click OK

kodi exodus redux addon

Now go back to the Exodus Redux Kodi addon and your content will stream. Enjoy!

Before you start streaming with Exodus Redux on Kodi, I would like to warn you that everything you stream with Kodi will be visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal troubles.

Kodi users are strongly advised to connect a VPN while streaming. I always connect ExpressVPN on all my streaming devices and I suggest you do the same. A VPN for Kodi will bypass ISP throttling, Government Surveillance, and geo-restriction on popular Add-ons.

So, before you start streaming, here’s how to get VPN protection in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get the ExpressVPN subscription HERE.

Step 2: Click HERE to download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Click the Power icon to connect to a VPN server. That’s all. Your connection is now secure with the fastest and best VPN for Kodi.

connect expressvpn for kodi

We never promote or encourage copyright infringements. But, we don’t want you to end up in the legal hassles either. Furthermore, we believe in the right to privacy and are its strong proponent.

Exploring Exodus Redux Addon on Kodi

Let’s take a quick look at the Exodus Redux. Go ahead and open it from the Add-ons > Video add-ons section (navigated from the Kodi home-screen)

Following is the main-screen of this addon. As you can see, it is a lot like the older Exodus addon. In fact, it resembles most Kodi on-demand addons.

exodus redux kodi addon

The regular categories like Movies and TV Shows are all there. All you need to do is pick one of the categories and find your favorite movies and shows to play.

Exodus Redux Kodi addon uses Lambda Scraper and I believe it is one of the most effective scrapers out there. I have seen it pulling some top-grade streams from the best servers.

Features of Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

Exodus Redux looks like a very promising Kodi addon. Here are some of its features:

  • As I have already said, it employs the best scrapers collectively called Lambda Scrapers
  • Its scrapers have consistently fetched high-quality streams for me
  • It is fast. I haven’t seen many addons scraping these many streams so quickly
  • The content library is also huge. You will find every movie and TV show you could ask for
  • The library is updated frequently. I have seen episodes getting added to it within hours of broadcast
  • It is free

Winding Up

Most Kodi addons are alike in terms of structure, content collection, content organization, etc. What really sets a superior addon apart is the scrapers it puts to work. You must have noticed some addons fetch better link than the others. That is entirely dependent upon the scrapers.


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